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Thelma Koffi Writes About The Di*ck Size And Her Experience With Tolu



By Thelma Koffi

Thema KoffiPhoto SplasherSo I’ve had a crush on him for a while. Not like his the cutest of them but there’s this silent strength around him you know. Quiet, Calm and he seemed to rely on me and at some moments, when I see that lost weary look in his eyes, I want to hug him, to hold him to reassure him that everything’s gonna be ok. He worries a lot.
One would expect that I’ll have fancy tales the first night I slept in his room, on the same bed with him. Now all I need is a memory wipe.
I don’t get it Ladies and Gents…please what is the deal with a guy who obviously likes you and who you like yet the guy can’t put the moves on you? Excuse me but I’m traditional. For me to make an outright move on a guy after dropping several hints wey just remain make I carry map to Promised Land give am ehn! Then the guy’s drop dead gorgeous is out of this world. Tolu is that good.

Now what happened that night?

I got into bed with Tolu, made myself comfy, turned off all the light, my lingerie was anything but dowdy. Seduction is my art. Acquiescence is what you have to earn.
I could sense the hesitation on his part, I moved closer with the regular sleepy turns. (Tell me you haven’t tried it before). Tolu pulled me close, I went without any resistance, he stopped. I waited. My entire body screamed “Make a move soooon!!!”. Nah, he just stayed there. I’ve never been more pained.
I woke up to someone twiddling my nipples. Really? Whoop whoop!!! Finally!!! I snuggled closer. Then I felt it. The ‘it’. Yes, that ‘it’. It was erect and…*crying softly* SMALL!!!
Night ruined for me. The Mother Teresa in me kicked. I chose the far edge of the bed. I practically begged the moon to make way for the sun.
I snuck away….
Now, I need a memory wipe of all the silly things I’ve said to him in the mushy moments.
What do you think? Does size matter? Kai, it matters for me o!!

Ladies lets talk!!


Thelma Koffi: Sassy & frank African, She’s more Nigerian than Ghana but her heels are sharp but her wits are sharper. Unabashed mind stimulating talker. You should read her often as she will be having sex analyses . Between the Nigerian and Ghananian men, who does it better..

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1 Comment

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