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Anuoluwapo Adebayo: Knowing Your Skin Type, The Beauty Bible



The Beauty Bible

As someone who is passionate about makeup, beauty and grooming products and services, I’ve out of pleasure and necessity read and watched a lot of material that talks about these. And as I read these materials which cut across application, best bargains, ingredients, consultation, quick tips, natural/organic versions and even the business aspect I’ve learnt one thing- the author can write only from experience!

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You might think…“Err…..where else is he/she supposed to write from?” but let me explain…..I’ve come across materials and professionals in the beauty industry who have endorsed a product, sworn by its magic and wonders only for me to try it and the opposite is the case. For instance, an oil which the world endorsed and was supposed to fade my spots only succeeded in making my face two shades darker than my complexion and still did not clear the spots.

I’ve learnt that no ONE book or documentary has ALL the information that cuts across all skin types, textures, complexion, body shapes, sizes etc. Simply create your own beauty bible!!!

There isn’t only one way to achieve something; you may have steady hands and be good at filling your eyebrows with a pencil while another person only knows how to use a cream filler and concealer. Beyond the product, there are techniques; you fill brows from the arch while someone else fills from the bottom of the brows but at the beginning.

I’d never discard any of these materials or professionals I’ve learnt from over the years however, my point is don’t hold on to anyone who says there is ONLY ONE particular style, method, product or brand that has the answer to your beauty needs. I often modify information I receive- if aloe vera works perfectly on naturally thick and dark Middle Eastern hair, I need to understand that if it doesn’t have any heavenly effect on my kinky hair, there is no need to get frustrated it’s probably because of my hair texture or the weather conditions where I reside; the next best thing is to discover what really works like shea butter or coconut oil and the likes.

Learn what skin type you have; be conscious of how the weather or your diet affects your skin, scent or breathe; find out what you’re allergic to or gives an effect you don’t like; be sure of what flatters your body shape. Of course you’re expected to follow basic rules like wear foundation for your skin tone (not lighter); wear dark colors for a slimming effect or wear a size 10 skirt IF you’re a size 10 (there is nothing like a big size 10 if you’re actually a size 12, you get me?!)

Having your personal beauty bible automatically makes things easier for you; it helps you be organized and live within your budget and generally you’ll be happy because you’ll hardly make style mistakes or worry about bumps on your face, weak nails, unhealthy hair and any of the things we beauty enthusiasts have heartache over!

Note that it’s not an immediate or automatic process, some are lucky with the first product they try out while others may go through a longer ‘trial’ period; be patient and buy items within your means so you can consistently be able to afford it. Ask questions, read labels, do not be lazy and above all, enjoy being beautiful!


Anuoluwapo Adebayo is a Freelance Makeup artist, fashion retailer and blogger.

A graduate of Mass Communication with a major in Public Relations and Advertising from Babcock University; She has had years of experience in Media, business development, project coordination and the beauty industry. She has also attended WEN Beauty School and House of Tara International for courses in Skin care, Makeup application and consultation. Anu who ‘thoroughly enjoys making people look good’ is presently the Creative Director at Face of Chayil, a company that offers Makeup and beauty services. Her blog ( is where she shares her work, personal experiences and life’s lessons.

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