Nigeria’s states will struggle to collect VAT

By Cheta Nwanze The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), on behalf of Nigeria’s federal government, has been locked in a legal tussle with the Rivers and Lagos state governments over the collection of value-added tax (VAT). A VAT collection Bill, similar to the aforementioned two states, has passed the second[Read More…]

Forensic Audit: A test of Buhari’s integrity

By Obiaruko Ndukwe The battle lines were drawn, the drums of war drowning the initial applause that greeted the order for the financial probe of the corruption-riddled interventionist agency – the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, whose headquarters is in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The first Salvo was fired by[Read More…]

Respecting criminal political officeholders

By Remi Oyeyemi The culture of respecting political office holders regardless of their behaviours and acts in the office has to be subverted. It must come to an end. The fact that someone is a President or a Governor, a Senator, Member of House of Representatives, a Minister or Commissioner[Read More…]

The quest for credible local government elections in Nigeria

By Moshood Isah The just concluded Local Government Elections in Lagos and Ogun States is a reaffirmation of the level of apathy and disinterest in subnational governance in Nigeria despite local governments being the tier of government closest to the people. This is not unconnected to existing gaps in the[Read More…]

Northern Nigeria and Nigeria’s quest for true federalism

By Ugochukwu Amasike Once upon a time, in pre-oil-dependent Nigeria, before the era of military coups, there were three (3) productive regions, namely: Northern Region, Western Region and Eastern Region. These three (3) federating units all harnessed and maximised their unique comparative advantages for the socio-economic development of their respective[Read More…]

Significance Of September 6: From Nigerian Army Declaring Me Wanted To Shaping HumAngle

By Ahmad Salkida On September 6, five years ago, I landed in Abuja on an Emirates flight from the UAE after the Nigerian Army declared me a wanted man on Aug. 14, 2016. I heard the news on Al Jazeera before I began to receive calls from friends and family. I was[Read More…]

Cheta Nwanze: Towards a hitch-free 2023 election

By this time next year, I expect governance to have completely ground to a halt as Nigeria would be in full preparation mode for its seventh general elections since the return to democracy in 1999. In some quarters this would be seen as a sign of progress given that the[Read More…]

Development organizations are shifting the culture of governance across Nigeria

By Sherriff Tahiru Over the last two decades of Nigeria’s democracy, the Nigerian civil service functioned as a huge monolith organization, and a majority of citizens were not sure exactly what these endless chains of government buildings existed to do. Agencies and department activities were shrouded in secrecy and mystery.[Read More…]

ANAMBRA ELECTION: Supreme Court to vote for the governor

By Law Mefor Anambra State is fast becoming the home of the good, the bad and the ugly. Recently, the state has been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons and many unsettling issues surrounding the coming governorship election scheduled for November have only served to heighten it. Political[Read More…]

2023: Front runners for PDP’s presidential ticket

By Chukwujekwu Amamchukwu The expectation in the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is that its candidate for the 2023 presidential election may come from the north, however, the reality will be clearer after the national convention of the party which is expected to hold in October. This[Read More…]