Anuoluwapo Adebayo: How To Apply Foundation, Concealer To Get The Desired Looks

Have you ever wondered why two ladies may use the same products but come out with different looks? Beyond the quality of products, there is the technique of application which influences the result.

After you have sought professional help to get the right foundation, concealer and powder for your skin tone and texture, the next thing to consider is your application tool; fingers, sponges or brush. It’s advisable that you try out these options in order to determine which one really works and importantly whatever tool you decide to use must always be clean.

Always prep your skin before you begin applying products; cleansing, moisturizing, using a sunscreen, primer protect your skin, make application easy and help your makeup last longer.

Concealer: Apply concealer to only particular and needed places; to cover under eye circles, to cover blemishes, scars, wrinkles or lines and to highlight certain areas like the bridge of your nose, under your lip.

Use a concealer brush or gently tap product into the skin with your fingers. Most people tend to drag product as they apply it however this doesn’t guarantee proper coverage and tends to stretch the delicate skin (especially under your eyes).

The type of concealer you use (liquid or cream) will be subject to how much you’re trying to cover; heavy scars, discoloration, red marks caused by broken vessels will require a more dense product.

Foundation: The aim of foundation is to ensure you have an even skin tone therefore ‘less is more’. A little goes a long way and you don’t need to come out looking like you’re wearing a mask.

Whatever application tool you decide to use, ensure you apply using gentle and even strokes equally distributing products across your cheeks, forehead and other parts of the face. Ensure you take foundation all the way to your neck, into your hair line and ears to avoid demarcation lines and to create a natural effect. The drier the sponge or brush you use, the heavier the effect so wet (not soak) sponge or brush before using to smooth foundation on face. Wait for the product to set into the skin.

Contouring and highlighting with creamy products should be done at this stage in order to properly blend. Note that darker shades of foundation will be used to hide imperfections or ‘minimize’ appearance of parts of the face; side of the nose, hollow of the cheeks, jawline, under the chin, temples, crease of the eyes. While lighter shades can be used on the bridge of the nose, inner corner of eyes, forehead, cheekbones and in the Cupid’s bow and under the bottom lip.

The ‘magic’ to having a flawless contoured smooth look is blending. The products you use must blend perfectly together; no obvious marks or lines that reveal where one product starts and another ends.

Powder: Applying powder after concealer and foundation will set the products, giving a matte finish and hold coverage. Press powder into your face then brush off excess in a downward motion. You can also apply loose powder with a brush in a circular motion all over your face.

You can use translucent powder, mineral based loose powder or pressed powder. You can choose to use a mineralized finish or bronzing powder which is advised not to be used all over the face because of its shimmering effect; can be used on T-zone and cheekbones.

Always apply makeup where there is sufficient light and using a clean mirror in order not to miss any spots or errors made.
Wash your brushes often to avoid dirt and oil that builds up and causes pimples or other skin infections. Wash with a brush shampoo or mild liquid soap, rinse thoroughly and leave to air dry.
Always take note of changes in your skin and respond according; if any skin problem persists after making suitable changes then see a dermatologist.
You should be praised for having flawless skin and not how obviously smooth or brown your foundation is; the essence of mastering the art of a perfect foundation and powder application is to know how to make it look as natural as possible; make them believe ‘you were born this way’.

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