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Top 20 countries with short-staffed police force — Nigeria bad, Ghana worse



The police play a crucial role in maintaining public order, safety, and enforcing the law. They are often entrusted with overseeing licenses, permits, and compliance with regulations related to businesses, events, and public safety.

Depending on the law of a nation, the police may also be assigned to investigate threats related to terrorism and cybercrimes.

However, for the police to effectively function, they need to be properly staffed as a short-staffed police force can increase workload and fatigue for officers and also reduce their proactiveness in responding to emergencies.

Meanwhile, police corruption and unprofessionalism has nothing to do with being short-staffed or not.

Below are the top 20 countries with short-staffed police force, Nigeria ranks 10th on the list, Canada 12th and Ghana 4th. The higher the ranking, the worse the staffing issues in the countries listed.

The ranking according to the United Nation (UN) is based on the number of police officers per 100,000 population.

1. Mali: 38

2. Niger: 42

3. Somalia: 43

4. Ghana: 83

5. Tunisia: 131

6. Finland: 132
7. China: 143
8. India: 145
9. Bangladesh: 155
10. Nigeria: 160

11. Pakistan: 182
12. Canada: 184

13. Norway: 189
14. Denmark: 196
15. Sweden: 198
16. Philippines: 208
17. Indonesia: 222
18. South Korea: 226
19. Brazil: 232
20. Japan: 235


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