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Top 10 celebrities with the highest followers on TikTok



TikTok is a popular social media app well known for its short-form videos, between 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

The platform has become part of the marketing strategy for companies and a place for celebrities to also engage their followers.

The rise of TikTok usage gave rise to a new set of celebrities that many might not know on other popular social media platforms.

However, TikTok has been banned partially or completely in some countries, including: Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, India, Nepal, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Somalia.

Below are the celebrities with the most followers on TikTok:

1. Khaby Lame (Italy) – 161.8 million

Think of someone who got popular without speaking a word, Khaby Lame comes to mind. He is famous for his funny TikTok videos which feature hand gestures and facial expressions that indicate a complex issue can be solved with easy methods.

He was born in Senegal but raised in Italy and identifies as an Italian. He became a citizen of Italy in 2022.

Khaby served as a Juror on Italia’s Got Talent in 2023.

Khaby Lame as of March 2024 has 161.8 million followers on TikTok.

2. Charli D’Amelio (United States) – 152.6m

Charli D’Amelio is a teenage social media sensation who rose to fame through TikTok. She was once the most followed celebrity on the platform.

Estimates suggest her net worth is around $30 million, with millions earned through brand partnerships and endorsements.

Her sister Dixie is also a prominent influencer, and their parents have a social media presence as well.

3. Bella Poarch (United States) – 93.9m

Denarie Bautista Taylor, known professionally as Bella Poarch, is an American social media personality and singer.

On August 17, 2020, she created the most liked video on TikTok, in which she lip-syncs to the song “M to the B” by British rapper Millie B.

She is the most followed TikTok contributor from the Philippines. In May 2021, she released her debut single “Build a Bitch”.

Bella Poarch as of March 2024 has over 93 million followers on TikTok.

4. MrBeast (United States) – 93.7m

MrBeast’s real name is James Stephen Donaldson. His fame on TikTok cannot be dissociated from his fame on YouTube.

He is a popular YouTuber known for his high-production videos. With over 245 million subscribers, MrBeast is the most subscribed individual creator on the platform.

MrBeast as of March 2024 has over 93 million followers on TikTok.

5. Addison Rae (United States) – 88.6m

Addison Rae is a popular TikToker who began by posting dance videos on the platform in 2019. With over 88 million followers, she is one of the most followed people on TikTok.

She landed her first acting role in the 2021 remake of the teen comedy “He’s All That.”

Rae has also dipped her toes into the music world, releasing her debut single “Obsessed” in 2021.

6. Zach King (United States) – 81.3m

Zach King is an American internet personality famous for his mind-bending videos that make it seem like he’s performing magic.

His rise to fame began in 2008 on YouTube, but it was Vine, the short-form video platform, that truly launched him into the spotlight in 2013. One of his early videos, “Jedi Kittens,” garnered over a million views in less than 24 hours!

7. Kimberly Loaiza (Mexico) – 80.9m

Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican internet personality who has achieved success on multiple platforms including TikTok.

She has one of the most followers on TikTok.

8. TikTok (China) – 79.9m

9. CZN Burak (Turkey) – 74.9m

CZN Burak is a famous Turkish chef and restaurateur, known for his viral recipe videos on social media and his restaurant chains.

His real name is Burak Özdemir. CZN is his nickname with origin from a misspelling of “Cinzano,” his father’s textile shop.

In 2023, CZN Burak reportedly sued his father, alleging that he misused funds from his restaurant business.

10. The Rock (United States) – 74.3m

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a popular wrestler and Hollywood star. The Rock comes from a wrestling family. His grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, and his father, Rocky Johnson, were both wrestlers.

The Rock won numerous championships throughout his wrestling career, solidifying his place as one of the all-time greats.

He began appearing in movies in the early 2000s.


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