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Anuoluwapo Adebayo: ‘Art Of Makeup’ Some Are Born To Be Artistic



Learning the basics  of makeup and our guide is Anuoluwapo Adebayo..
Do you ever wonder why some ladies just always look like they have their makeup done everyday by a professional; their eyebrows are perfectly arched, the foundation looks flawless; their lashes thick, long and fluttering; with well-defined lips and you’re thinking how you always seem to miss it?makeup foundation
The truth is some ladies have learn’t the basic and most important things when it comes to the ‘art of makeup’. Some are born with the innate ability to be artistic while others learnt the skill, however both categories of people had to discover the things that guarantee almost perfect looks.
·        Healthy Skin- No painter works on a rough canvass (except of course that’s the essence of that particular piece). Before you load up the foundation and powder, make sure you have good skin. There are different skin types with different features and what they are susceptible to; speak to a dermatologist or beautician who can tell you what skin type you have and type of products to use.
makeup products
Using the right products to clean and take care of your skin not only makes beauty product application easier, it gets rid of dead skin, blackheads, oil, and dirt; as well as blemishes, discoloration, or uneven tone.
·        Moisturizers, Primers, Foundation, Concealer, Powder- I call these the ‘bases’ because they form the ‘ground’ or ‘support’ for other products to rest on. Once this process is wrong it inevitably affects the others. Ever seen a woman’s foundation run down her face with her sweat and then her eyebrows seem to be melting off her face, followed by her black eyeliner and creasing eyeshadow? Yes, it’s not always a pretty sight!
skincare products
Speak to a professional makeup artist to recommend products or go to a proper makeup shop or counter where they have testers to try what really fits.
·        Eyebrows- A LOT of women get this part wrong; if it’s not the need to have a ridiculous upside down ‘V’ sign on top of their eyes, it’s a desire to automatically have wine coloured eyebrows with black hair. Eyebrows should be shapened according to your face shape; arched at the highest point in your brows, well groomed, not thick like a wolf’s or extremely thin which ages you by decades.
makeup pencils
Getting your eyebrows right is very important because they frame the face; as long your brows are well groomed and shaped, they already give you a nice look even without too much makeup. If you know you can’t get it done yourself go to a professional to thread, wax or shapened then fill according to that shape created.

·        Defining- when you hear people talk about defining their eyes, lips, cheekbones, etc the whole idea is to accentuate these features. You can define with pencils, gel or liquid liners, eyeshadow, bronzers, blushes (your face). This may take some time of practise before you achieve a flawless, smudge free or well blended look but it’s attainable and the effect is amazing.


Anuoluwapo Adebayo is a Freelance Makeup artist, fashion retailer and blogger.

A graduate of Mass Communication with a major in Public Relations and Advertising from Babcock University; She has had years of experience in Media, business development, project coordination and the beauty industry. She has also attended WEN Beauty School and House of Tara International for courses in Skin care, Makeup application and consultation. Anu who ‘thoroughly enjoys making people look good’ is presently the Creative Director at Face of Chayil, a company that offers Makeup and beauty services. Her blog ( is where she shares her work, personal experiences and life’s lessons.

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