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Ways To Attract Love Into Your Life



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By Hadiza Saidu

To get the kind of love you want in your life, you need to create the right conditions to attract it. These steps explain ways you can successfully make yourself a love magnet.


Love yourself

A lot of women still struggle with this. Self worth and self-love are not easy. A lot of times we think we love ourselves. but a glimpse at the behaviors we indulge in proves otherwise. Be confident in who you are and happy with what you have to offer. Being aware of your flaws is part of loving yourself and loving yourself will make you a more grounded person in a relationship. Also recognize your worth while loving yourself and it’d be easy for others to love you.


Be honest with yourself

Take a clear and firm look at your dating history. This type of reflection will help identify common patterns and what needs were driving your relationship choices and how to avoid repeating unhealthy pattern and mistakes. Once you find the ones you want to break, you’ve ascertained where you went wrong in the past and you’re set for a smoother future. Its basically cleaning up and clearing out the past.


Eliminate bad habits

Identify your bad habits and behaviours. Make a pledge to avoid them in future and stay true to that pledge. Try turning criticism anyone ever gave you inside out, find the compliment version and ask yourself if its true. Be aware of your flaws and be ready to address them too.


Positive thinking:

We are all vibrational beings, energetic beings and we emit energy through our thoughts and feelings. So whatever we are thinking or feeling is being sent out and drawn back to us like we are one huge magnet. We attract as much love as we are willing to receive. To open yourself to that love, visualize your ideal situation in your mind and it becomes easier to recreate in reality.


Self reflection

Write down the qualities you want in a man and nurture those qualities in yourself. What kind of person are you attracted to? What kind of trait does he have to have? To attract the kind of man you like, you have to have those traits too but you don’t have to be exactly like him. Do you value compassion? Then extend compassion to yourself and others. Give yourself the experience you’d like to share with a partner don’t wait till you find Mr. right to do that. Do it on your own.


Enhance yourself

When you meet someone new, play to your strengths. Choose your conversation wisely and carefully.  Don’t feel the need to expose your less positive side in an attempt to be real. Early dates are times to just enjoy each other and not for offloading problems and sob stories. Keep things light. If you make your friends laugh with your sense of humour let him see that side of you. If you want to draw someone into your life don’t focus on your flaws or past failure. Charisma is the most attractive human quality.


Get into his head

When you’ve found someone you want to reel in, its time to start the seduction process. Reveal yourself slowly, seduction involves a touch of mystery so don’t divulge everything about yourself in a hurry. Let him wonder about you night and day, what things will be like with you. Give him something to think about and keep him guessing a little if you want him to want you.



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