Anuoluwapo Adebayo: Why Your Hair Is Essential In Putting Together That Beautiful Look

By Anuoluwapo Adebayo

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It’s easy to concentrate on face Makeup application believing that is all you need however, your hair is very essential in putting together a complete beautiful look.

Natural kinky hair, braids, weave- ons, straight relaxed hair, whatever your preference; hair should always be clean, neat and flatter your features.

Find out your hair texture (coarse, fine, thin); hair condition (shiny or dull); scalp condition (dry, oily, mixed, normal). Having this information will help you properly take care of your hair and ensure its health. Take note of how your hair reacts to certain chemical processes like relaxing, tinting or bleaching.

Hair should always be clean and never give off any offensive odour; wash your hair often especially if you sweat on your scalp; deep condition and oil to avoid scaly and itchy scalp. If you have braids, dreads or a weave, clean your scalp for the periods you have your hair covered; there are dry shampoos that don’t require you to wash with water. You should also use a blow dryer to dry scalp when roots feel damp and hair sprays to keep scalp moisturized.

DIY (Do-it-Yourself); Taking care of your hair at home is an easy and affordable way to maintain your hair. Have the staple hair products and utensils for easy maintenance; Blow dryer, Hair thong/straightener; Shampoo and Conditioner (that is suitable for your hair type), Hair brushes and combs, Hair oil (Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Argan oil, Almond oil), Hair moisturizer or Gel (Pink Oil, Hair Pudding, Gel which are useful to hold unruly hair down), Hair Spray, Hair scissors. When taking care of your hair at home it’s advisable to use more natural products or homemade solutions like eggs, aloe vera, bee wax etc.
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Professional Hair care; However, if you prefer to go to the salon for your basic hair care then find a professional who knows how to treat your hair well. Some hairstylists would make you come in to get your hair done often just to get money off you; it is necessary to do your own research in order to get a better understanding of what your hairstylist is doing. And take note of the progress; how healthy your hair has become over time.

Sometimes dandruff, thinning or breaking hair are a sign of low levels of vitamins or necessary nutrients in the body; eat a balanced diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will ensure better looking and feeling hair. Also get useful vitamins like iron, vitamin C (strengthens hair), zinc (grows and repairs tissue), and omega-3 fatty acids (grows healthy hair). Exercise is a good outlet for stress which is also a major cause of unhealthy hair. Massage your scalp often as this helps you relax and also increases blood flow which helps hair grow.

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Hair styles; Deciding on what styles to wear your hair is essential as this not only influences your appearance; it affects your hair condition. Consider your hair features; your face structure and shape; your daily routine/lifestyle; and your overall fashion style. It is allowed to have a unique style that works best for you; braids, dreads, cornrows, long weaves, short hair etc however learn to ‘shake it up’ a bit and do something different from the norm.

Hair should be your crowning glory; people do look at your hair and that is often the easiest way to notice change in a person. Subconsciously, your hair styles reveal a part of your personality; and you don’t want people judging you wrongly, they need to know the truly beautiful person.

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