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Heavily Pregnant Kelly Rowland Poses Nude For Elle Magazine

Singer, Kelly Rowland is heavily pregnant and expecting her first son in weeks but that didn’t stop her from striking nude poses for Elle Magazine’s new issue. Inside the issue, she spoke excitedly about her unborn son:

“I can’t wait until he gets here”. 

“I just have a couple more weeks. I’m excited to bring a child into the world, and sharing that experience with my husband is probably the most beautiful part.”

She is also comfortable posing nude in the issue and she spoke about that too. She sees it as a celebration of motherhood and doesn’t care much:

“It’s Godmazing”.

“Watching your body carry a human. I took a birthing class and I was amazed by all the things this woman was saying to me about birthing and what the body does naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? The body should be celebrated.”





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