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Ned Nwoko debunks rumours of new marriage



Nigerian Lawyer, Ned Nwoko, has debunked false rumours about him getting married to another wife.

He took to his verified Instagram page to share a post where he explained if he wanted to get married, he would make it a public event.

He also added that the news being shared is false, and he threatens to pursue whoever is involved with spreading the false rumours with the law, and he wouldn’t want anyone to say he is “oppressing” people with the help of the law.

His post reads “This is fake news and YOU shouldn’t help to propagate it.If I want to marry,it will not be done in secrecy.”

“There is a particular group of little minded faceless individuals who believe they can gain followership in the social media by using my name to create sensational news every week.”

“I will keep being law abiding and reporting the miscreants to the police for appropriate actions. When such misguided individuals are arrested,don’t accuse me of using the law against them”


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