RMD feels ‘so sorry for small businesses’ — Here’s why

Professional Nigerian actor, lawyer and producer, Richard Mofe-Damijoh, popularly known as RMD is concerned about the scarcity of petrol in Nigeria.

In an instagram post he shared via his Verified Instagram account on Thursday, February 17, 2022, he noted that fuels have become either scare or with an increased price.

Petrol is now scarce, the price of diesel has gone up and there is little to no electricity supply in the country.

He said these problems make him worry for small businesses who need these basic ‘necessities’ to stay afloat.

His post reads “These past couple of days have been draining. In between the scarcity of fuel, hike in diesel price and almost non existent power supply, I can’t help but feel so sorry for small businesses who can barely survive and need these basic necessities to thrive.”


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