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Dencia reveals why Africans are scared of therapists



Cameroonian singer, Reprudencia Sonkey, stage name ‘Dencia’ is asking Africans to seek professional mental health help online.

She shared on her Instagram story on Friday, February 18, 2022, that she had noted a lot of Africans are afraid of therapists because they are unprofessional and will make the contents of their therapy sessions public.

She advised people to look online for therapists in Europe and America, and they can have video sessions instead of in-person sessions if they really need therapy.

Her post reads “a lot of people in Africa say they are scared of going to therapists out there because their business will end up in some gossip or blog or somewhere”

“That’s sad. In fact, more than 50+ people from different countries feel this way. I wonder why they think a professional will put their business out there”

“Anyways for those who need it you can always find therapists online from Europe, America etc and do zoom or FaceTime sessions”

She also revealed her therapist has helped other people, even though her therapist is more of a life coach than a therapist because she is not licensed.

“My therapist who has worked with people from Africa and Europe has done a good job with them. She isn’t licensed there so it’s more like life coach not Therapist but it’s same thing. Find people online” she wrote.


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