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Same-sex marriage not for Africans — Church of Christ

The United Apostolic Church of Christ (UACC) worldwide, on Sunday, joined many in rejecting same-sex marriage; which was gaining approval in the western world. UACC General Overseer, Dr James Bayo-Owoyemi, who described such act as satanic and inhuman said that God did not make mistake in creating male and female[Read More…]

#UnbiastheNews – a global newsroom dedicated to showcasing journalism that breaks through barriers launch with a call for pitches

Press release #1_Unbias the News Hostwriter Launches Remote Cross-Border Newsroom The new Hostwriter newsroom Unbias the News is dedicated to showcasing international journalism that breaks through geographical or structural barriers. Diversity is not a moral question, it’s a question of quality: We aim to open up the field to emerging[Read More…]

Africa’s Brain Drain: One Might Be ‘Forced’ To Leave Because of War And/Or Political Instability

Losing your doctors, engineers, professors and other skilled professionals can be detrimental to your country. Brain drain is a topic with which many countries deal. In a September open letter in Le Monde, the heads of 10 successful French start-ups pleaded with Silicon Valley expatriates to come back to a[Read More…]

Okonjo – Iweala Says Diversification of The Economy Cannot Happen Over Four Years

Okonjo-Iweala, former minister of finance, says Africans are lazy in the way we talk about diversification — a project that can’t be realised within fours years. The senior adviser of Lazard, who also dubs as Gavi board chair, said it took Dubai over 30 years to attain true diversification, drawing[Read More…]