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Dencia reveals why Africans are scared of therapists

Cameroonian singer, Reprudencia Sonkey, stage name ‘Dencia’ is asking Africans to seek professional mental health help online. She shared on her Instagram story on Friday, February 18, 2022, that she had noted a lot of Africans are afraid of therapists because they are unprofessional and will make the contents of[Read More…]

Oh! Dencia Wants To Be A Billionaire So Freaking Bad, Shares Aspirations

Cameroonian-Nigeria singer and entrepreneur, Dencia hopes to be on the cover of Forbes or Time Magazine someday soon alongside Nigerian billionaire businesswoman, Folorunsho Alakija. She shared her feelings on Instagram two days back when she posted a picture which contained what to be the edited lyrics of Travie McCoy’s ‘I wanna[Read More…]

Dencia Bemoans Lack Of Support For Her Ebola Campaign

Last month, pop singer Dencia spoke up about the deadly Ebola virus disease in a short video she shared online. In that video, she spoke up about the virus and offered to donate £250,000 dollars through her Dencia Foundation For Hope to help fight the disease. Fast forward to a month later[Read More…]

Cameroonian Pop Star, Dencia Launches ‘Vibrating Vagina Washer’

Cameroonian singer, Dencia well known for her controversial Whitenicious beauty product is back with another product which may even stir up a greater controversy. The industrious Pop star has introduced her ‘Vibrating Vagina Washer’ into the market. She says the machine is for cleaning the exterior of the vagina and[Read More…]

Singer, Dencia Calls Out Other African Artistes Who Bleached Their Skins

Cameroonian-Nigerian singer is obviously the free publicity she has been enjoying since the launch of her Whitenicious spot-removal cosmetic products which obviously lightens the skin of its users. From media house to media house all over the world, she has been defending the essence of her products. She went bizarre[Read More…]

Being White Is Being Pure? Dencia Argues About Relevance Of Her Whitenicious Products

Cameroonian-Nigerian Singer, Dencia was on UK’s Channel 4 news last night as a guest. She spoke about her Whitenicious brand of dark-spot remover which apparently transforms dark people into ‘white’ people. Phinnah Ikeji of Black Role Models UK was also on the show as a guest. She argued that it[Read More…]

I Don’t Look Like Nicki! Dencia Confused For Nicki Minaj At Last Night’s Grammy Awards

Pop Star, Dencia was at the Staple Centre in Los Angeles for last night’s Grammy awards as a VIP guest. Some however mistook her for Nicki Minaj but International Entertainment programme, Entertainment Weekly were quick to resolve the confusion through a Tweet which was retweeted by the Cameroonian pop star[Read More…]