Dencia Bemoans Lack Of Support For Her Ebola Campaign

Last month, pop singer Dencia spoke up about the deadly Ebola virus disease in a short video she shared online. In that video, she spoke up about the virus and offered to donate £250,000 dollars through her Dencia Foundation For Hope to help fight the disease.

Fast forward to a month later and the news of the death of another Liberian due to the virus broke out on the 8th of October. Mr. Duncan died in America and the singer who resides in Los Angeles, USA has mourned the deceased through a post on her Instagram account. She also revealed she didn’t get the needed support she asked for in fighting the virus but instead faced a backlash. Here’s what the entrepreneur wrote:

‘My heart goes out to Mr Duncan and his family. I think I over reacted on my last post because America has gotten me out of a lot of trouble in a heart beat. A lot of us are judging America now but we forget we haven’t Done anything to help Our Continent & our people.

A month ago, I created a Gofundme Campaign to help raise Money to help our people, Not 1 African Contributed a $ but we are quick to judge America (including me for his death) I personally Donated as much as I could to UNICEF & I was raising money to partner with them to help people, If we can’t help ourselves, why do we expect help from others?

I remember seeing comments like (we should report her campaign to the police she wants to steal money, No blog posted the campaign) I don’t need to collect money from people for myself because I have made enough money in 1 year to last me 10years of luxury.

Before we point fingers at America and other countries, we need to look within. If we tried harder to help our people, they won’t need to die on the streets, they won’t need to come and die in a foreign land. So before we comment let’s think of what we have done or not done for Africa. The Media may never report what I do to help my people but God sure rewards us for what we so to our neighbors. Have a blessed day guys & Dolls.’



Photo Credit: www.austinaija.com

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