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Top 10 least livable cities in the world in 2024 — Nigeria’s Lagos ranks 4th



A city’s livability is ranked based on the quality of life it offers residents. This includes a mix of practical aspects and those that contribute to a resident’s well-being.

Some key features that make a city livable include housing, access to clean water, fresh food, infrastructure, healthcare and education and most importantly security.

According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos City, is the fourth least livable country in the world.

The ranking considered stability, healthcare, culture & Environment, Education and Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, no city in the United States and United Kingdom featured in the top 10.

Below is a full list of the least livable cities in the world in 2024;

1. Damascus (Syria)

PHOTO Credit: Reddit

Damascus is the capital city of Syria. It boasts a rich history and cultural heritage. However, the ongoing conflict in the country has significantly impacted its livability.

It ranks 173 among the 173 countries analyzed by EIU based on their livability.

Damascus has a strong sense of community, and its residents are known for their resilience.

2. Tripoli (Libya)

PHOTO Credit: MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP vis AfricaNews

Tripoli is the capital city of Libya. It boasts a rich history, stunning Mediterranean sea views, and a vibrant culture. However, like Damascus, it faces challenges that affect its livability.

It ranks 172 among the 173 countries ranked by EIU based on their livability.

Despite the challenges, Tripoli is a city with immense potential. There have been recent strides in improving security and infrastructure, and the city has a beautiful coastline and a vibrant culture.

3. Algiers (Algeria)

PHOTO Credit: Doinit

Algiers, the capital of Algeria, is a city with a fascinating mix of French colonial architecture, bustling marketplaces, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

While Algiers offers a rich culture and history, livability rankings suggest there are some areas for improvement.

It ranks 171 among the 173 countries ranked by EIU based on their livability.

4. Lagos (Nigeria)

Photo Credit: Adeyinka Yusuf/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Lagos is the commercial hub and bustling heart of Nigeria. It is the most with an undeniable energy.

However, Lagos also presents challenges that affect its livability such as traffic congestion and infrastructure that struggles to keep pace with its rapid growth.

It ranks 170 among the 173 countries ranked by EIU based on their livability.

5. Karachi (Pakistan)

6. Dhaka (Bangladesh)

7. Harare (Zimbabwe)

8. Port Moresby (PNG)

9. Kyiv (Ukraine)

10. Caracas (Venezuela)


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