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Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Is On A Mission



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Ghanaian actress, filmmaker and activist Yvonne Nelson sat for an interview with Blanck Magazine…

Sitting to a chat with the Blanck E-I-C Franka Chiedu She shares in detail her trials, tribulations and triumphs during the time leading up to and after her #Dumsormuststop campaign as she calls on other celebrities to use their platforms for the greater good of the masses who support them daily.

She told the magazine,  “Last year, I started a campaign tagged ‘Dumsor Must Stop’. One evening, the electricity in my house went off and when this happens in Ghana we refer to it as DUM – SOR, translated as lights off. A term Ghanaians coined to describe the consistent lack of power supply. I couldn’t sleep that night; I was sweating and fanning myself – I decided not to use my generator because the cost of fuelling it was unbecoming. Yes! We do make a little money here and there but it can’t all be ploughed into fuelling the generator. What about those people who can’t afford a generator? Vexed in my spirit, I went on Twitter and tweeted #Dumsormuststop – I woke up the next day and I realised it was trending. Everyone was tweeting using the same hashtag and talking about how they were also frustrated with the situation. At first, I thought it was a joke and it will soon fade but will only realise that it wasn’t and it trended for like a week.

For more, get a copy of the magazine

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