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Rahama Babangida Covers Latest Issue of BMPRO Covers



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by Zenith Oduah

Mohammed Babangida’s wife, Rahama, is the cover girl for the new issue of Banke Meshida’s BMPRO covers and she’s stunning.

Rahama 2

What Banke Meshida Wrote about Rahama…

Deva Princess

When I met her over 10 years ago I was struck by her pure beauty. Looooong hair, smoothest skin ever, perfect nails and her gentle persona made her all the more beautiful. Fast forward to Now, growth has come.

The hair is tinged with red, grey, brown strands, skin is still as smooth, and she is the most Hilarious person. There is a glint in her eye as she talks. She has followed her passion and is the CEO of Deva Petals. Hair growth serums, Body Oils, Turaren Wuta.

She loves to create. Blessed With a rich Kanuri Heritage, knowledge of potions that promote wellness and wellbeing is what has made Deva Petals the success story that it is. Humble beginnings. She started by mixing pastes and potions for close family and friends who wanted her Smooth skin and Long hair secret. She started bottling them up and today the rest is history.

Her love for Fashion also saw led to the establishment of Fashion Cafe Abuja. Where you find Accessories and clothes stocked. Legendary and effective herbal supplements has made Deva petals the number one Oasis of Wellness products in Abuja.

Photo Credits
Creative Director : Yomi Black
Photography : BigH Studios
Makeup: Banke Meshida Lawal
Model : Rahama Babangida

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