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Top youngest warriors in history



We all can remember the kind of fun we had during our childhood and how we had to worry about almost nothing as our parents were expected to fend for us.

The story, however, is different for some youngsters who had to take leadership positions at such tender age, especially due to an unfortunate event.

Below is the list of the top 10 younger warriors in history:

Henry IV of France

Augustins – Henri IV, roi de France et de Navarre – Jacques Boulbène

On 9 June 1572, upon his mother’s death, at the age of 19, Henry IV of France became King of Navarre.

He was the first monarch of France from the House of Bourbon, a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty. He was assassinated in 1610 by François Ravaillac, a Catholic zealot, and was succeeded by his son Louis XIII.

Gregorio del Pilar

Gregorio del Pilar

As one of the youngest generals in the Revolutionary Army, Gregorio del Pilar was known for the successful assault on the Spanish barracks in the municipality of Paombong, his victory on the first phase Battle of Quingua and his last stand at the Battle of Tirad Pass during the Philippine–American War. Because of his youth, he became known as the “Boy General”.

Gregorio del Pilar was in his early twenties at the time, and he was also known as a ladies man and was described by National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin as the “Byron of Bulacan”.

Okita Soji

Okita was a samurai who began training in swordsmanship around the age of nine.

When he was only 12, he was defeating kenjutsu (swordsmanship) teachers in rival schools and attained the Menkyo Kaiden scroll labelling him as a master of his style at age 18.

He was the head teacher at a dojo for the next year before becoming a founding member of the Shinsengumi, becoming their first unit captain at the age of 19.

He was one of the best swordsmen of the Shinsengumi.

Augustus (Octavian) Caesar

At the age of 18, Octavius was studying and undergoing military training in Apollonia, Illyria, when Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March (15 March) 44 BC.

He rejected the advice of some army officers to take refuge with the troops in Macedonia and sailed to Italy to ascertain whether he had any potential political fortunes or security.

Meanwhile, Caesar had no living legitimate children under Roman law and so had adopted Octavius, his grand-nephew, making him his primary heir.

On May 6, 44 B.C., 18-year-old Augustus led an army of more than 3,000 veteran troops into Rome, meeting with little resistance since many were sympathetic to his cause. He succeeded in driving Caesar’s assassins, who were under a truce with the current consul Mark Antony, out of the city.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

When he was 13 years old, Alexander the Great was sent to Mieza to be tutored by Aristotle, with classmates such as Ptolemy, Hephaistion, and Cassander.

At the age of 16, he returned to Macedon to rule as regent while his father waged war against Byzantium.

He succeeded his father Philip II to the throne in 336 BC at the age of 20, and spent most of his ruling years conducting a lengthy military campaign throughout Western Asia and Egypt.

By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to northwestern India.

He was undefeated in battle and is widely considered to be one of history’s greatest and most successful military commanders.


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