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Nigerian Identified Among 176 Victims Killed in the Ukrainian Plane Crash

A Kogi State born Nigerian, Dauda Onoruoiza working with Boeing has been identified as one of the victims that was killed in the plane that crashed in Iran recently.

According to reports, Onoruoiza was on the ill fated trip because he had the mandate to study the mechanical sound of Boeing 737-800 and report back to the company.

So far, he is the only Nigerian on the ill-fated jet belonging to the Ukraine International Airlines and which was brought down by missiles reportedly fired by Iranian military. 

The jet, which was to face maintenance in Ukraine on Monday, January 13, crashed with no survivor after it was attacked.  

Reports had it, that Onoruoiza was on training with Boeing in Ukraine and was attached to a plane with which he should fly and study some mechanical issues. 

He was expected to report back to the company his finding relating to Boeing 737-800.  Apart from the Nigerian killed in the incident, other victims included 11 passengers from Ukraine, 82 from Iran, 63 from Canada and three from Germany. 

The flight also had 10 passengers from Sweden, four from Afghanistan. Three other passengers were from the United Kingdom.

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