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Diphtheria Outbreak: Shocking Numbers! 100 Hospitalized, 2000 Discharged in Kano! Exclusive Details on Government’s Urgent Contact Tracing Initiative



The Kano State Government announced on Sunday that it has taken immediate steps to address the diphtheria outbreak in the state. With over 100 patients currently admitted to hospitals and over 2,000 others treated and discharged, the situation demanded urgent attention.

Dr. Abdullahi Karaunmata, the state Epidemiologist, provided updates to the media, revealing that contact tracing teams have been mobilized to track and identify patients affected by the outbreak. These teams are diligently covering all areas of the state, particularly focusing on the Local Government Areas with the highest burden of cases.

The outbreak of diphtheria has been reported in 31 out of the 44 LGAs in the state, necessitating a prompt response from health authorities. To address the situation, the government has set up two dedicated treatment centers for patients infected with diphtheria.

Dr. Kauranmata highlighted that the resurgence of diphtheria might be related to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to disruptions in routine immunization services. The lockdown measures and hesitancy among some parents or caregivers to seek immunization for their children left many vulnerable to infectious diseases like diphtheria.

The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) also identified Kano among the states with the highest number of diphtheria cases, warranting coordinated efforts to control the outbreak effectively.

To tackle the situation comprehensively, the Kano State government established a technical working group on diphtheria early this year, comprising experts from various technical backgrounds. With the support of development partners, this committee has been actively engaged in controlling the outbreak through regular meetings and incident management protocols.

As part of the response plan, the state government established a well-equipped diphtheria treatment center at the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital. The center has been staffed with well-trained healthcare professionals, supported by organizations like MSF and other partners. Patients have been effectively managed and discharged under this setup.

With the contact tracing teams working tirelessly to identify and treat patients, and the commitment of the technical working group, the Kano State Government is taking proactive measures to contain the diphtheria outbreak and protect the health of its citizens.

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