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Soldiers In the North East Write Open Letter To Jonathan, Call Out Obama And UN For Support



Nigerian soldiers, serving in the North East, under the Zaman Lafiya Operation, have written an open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, for his kind intervention and motivation, to help the fight against insurgency. In the letter, availed to Sahara Reporters, the group also sought international aid and  copied, American President, Barack Obama and the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon.


1.    We the concerned officers participating in the North East Operation Zaman Lafiya do resolve to write this letter for the following reasons:

a.     To save our country Nigeria.

b.     To stop the bloodshed of innocent officers, soldiers and civilians in the North East.

c.     To appeal to the president of the United State of America Mr. Barrack Obama, United Nation Secretary General Mr. Banki Moon and other world leaders to as quickly as important to intervene and urge President Goodluck Jonathan to do the needful in addressing the issue of insurgency in Nigeria especially in the North East.

2. As members of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is our responsibility to defend our country Nigeria which we are ever ready to do so as the call arises. But firstly, the civil authority has the first responsibility to equip us effectively to enable us to carry out such task. This is common practice all over the world. As professional officers and soldiers, we did not want to go public with details of our frustrations concerning this operation because doing so will boast the moral[e] of our enemy. But the persistent neglect of our plight made us to do otherwise.

3. It is well known fact that of recent, a commanding officer from this theater of operation wrote a letter to our President intimating him of a few out of numerous problems affecting us in this operation which we believe Mr. President will address. It appears Mr. President has chosen to ignore it because none of his relations are among us. In this 21st century, how can an accused [be] a judge of his own case? That letter clearly exposed the rot within the military authorities concerning this operation. This is because, the Army authority that was accused of poor administration in that letter, set up a kangaroo investigation that harass[ed], intimidate[d], and forced the officer to deny the authorship of the letter.

4. We authoritatively learned that, the Army authority succeeded in forcing the officer to deny the letter through the Provost Marshal (Army) who happen[ed] to be of the same tribe with the officer concern[ed]. For President Goodluck Jonathan to ignore such kind of allegation made us to believe the rumor going round that he has a hand or knowledge in the so-called Boko Haram. We are also aware of how the funds meant for these operations are being looted through the office of the Chief of Training and Operations, Major General J.A.H. Ewansiha. Despite our strong [belief] in democracy, we condemn a democratic government that condones corruption, especially in its military. The President is reported to always turn a blind eye to issues of corruption. For instance, the ADC to Mr.President is presently one of the richest officers in the army. He owns properties in choice places all over the country and even abroad. We are going to make public details of his wealth and assets at the appropriate time.

5. We are appealing to all well meaning Nigerians and leaders of International Community to please speak out with loud voice in [order] to make President Jonathan to constitute an independent high-powered committee to investigate the content of that letter written to him by the commanding officer. Should this request be ignored, the resultant consequence could only be imagined.

6. We stand bold to state that we are speaking the minds of all the officers and soldiers in Operation Zaman Lafiya.

Concerned Officers and Soldiers of Operation Zaman Lafiya

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