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Boko Haram Demands Cattle In Exchange For 30 Abductees

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The radical Islamic militants, Boko Haram who kidnapped up to 30 women from nomadic settlements near Chibok, where the group abducted more than 200 schoolgirls, are demanding cows as ransom.

The sect facing a severe food crisis have continued to kidnap civilians, in the face of an army offensive from the nigerian Military and an international outcry over the abducted girls.

Villagers from Chibok, where the schoolgirls were grabbed in April, told Reuters on Tuesday they had met nomads fleeing last week’s raids and saying the kidnappers were demanding cattle in exchange for the women.

“One of them named Mohammed told me Boko Haram held the men at gunpoint and moved from hut to hut taking the women,” said Yahaya Musa. “The abductors told them to bring a ransom of cows,” said farmer Yakub Chibok.

Police and army spokesmen said they could not confirm the accounts that women were taken on Thursday in areas outside Chibok.

Nomadic settlements attacked by the terrorists according to reports included Bakin Kogi, Garkin Fulani and Rigar Hardo.

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