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COVID-19 Vaccines: When Pastors Misinform

Erabor is an evangelical Pentecostal Christian living in Lekki, an affluent suburb in Lagos for the widely travelled, well-educated upper-middle-class Nigerians. She does not trust the speed with which they produced these vaccines. “And these mRNA/DNA vaccines that change a person’s DNA nucleus are a “no-no”, she says.  She adds[Read More…]

Investigation: Nigerian Journalist, Pelumi Onifade and the Shrinking Civic space

On October 24, 2020, Pelumi Onifade, a journalist intern at Gboah TV, was one of those assigned to cover the unrest at Oko-Oba area of Agege, Lagos. Police officers attached to the Lagos State Task Force arrived at the scene and started shooting live rounds to disperse the crowd. Pelumi[Read More…]

As the General’s Mask Slips Off, Nigerian Journalism is Endangered

On May 31, 2017, Lagos radio presenter Nelly Kalu was in the middle of a conversation on Nigeria Info 99.3FM with a geopolitical analyst when a call came to the station’s general manager. He was to shut down the show immediately and kick both people off their air unceremoniously.  Shortly[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: My purpose at ‘The Johnsons’ has been served – Samuel Ajibola (Spiff) explains why he exits the popular TV show

Pediatricians say at age 6, parents can’t help but worry if their children are growing at the right pace. At this stage, a child is just being able to follow three commands in a row and string a sentence with five to seven words together.  But there are some special[Read More…]

Zamfara state gripped by humanitarian crisis as violence escalates

Rising violence in northwest Nigeria’s Zamfara state is causing a humanitarian crisis, warns international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) today. MSF is calling for an urgent humanitarian response for people in the region, who are desperately short of food, drinking water, shelter, protection and basic services, including[Read More…]

“Nigeria Is a Failed State” – John Campbell says government has lost control and Garba Shehu fires back

John Campell, the former US Ambassador to Nigeria in his Op-ed for Foreign Policy says “Nigeria has long teetered on the precipice of failure. But now, unable to keep its citizens safe and secure, Nigeria has become a fully failed state of critical geopolitical concern. Its failure matters because the[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: “I will keep making music even if only one person is listening” – Djinee talks on 16 years of making music

When Djinee released his debut song “Ego” in 2005, he stole all the attention and it seemed like the whole Nigeria stopped to listen.  Then he dropped “I no dey shame” and “Lade” to make everyone know we were witnessing a special artist. The voice was unique, the lyrics were[Read More…]

Breaking: More than 100 persons including women and children drown in Kebbi

Dozens of people are feared dead after a boat they were traveling in capsized in a river in northern Nigeria’s Kebbi State. BBC Hausa Service is reporting that the incident took place on Wednesday around 10 a.m., and reports from the area say efforts are still being made to rescue[Read More…]

SPECIAL REPORT: Human Rights, Justice Suspended, As Nigeria’s Courts Goes Under Lock And Key

Doctor, Anuoluwapo Adepoju, of the MedContour Services Limited is a controversial cosmetic surgeon in Nigeria who has been in the news since at least 2019. She was arraigned in Lagos State, South-West Nigeria last year (2020) after a failed cosmetic surgery that allegedly led to the death of a client, one Miss Nneka Onwuzuligbo. Series of allegations[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Jammal Mohammed’s template on Patriotism and what matters to him

  Jammal Mohammed understands how misunderstood his intention can be, so his parting shot as we ended the interview was: “Be nice and communicate my thoughts well”. He said this with a smiling face that he wore all through the 60 minutes of our interview.  For most part of our[Read More…]