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INTERVIEW: I am excited people looked beyond the lip gloss to enjoy my content – Enioluwa Adeoluwa, 21-year-old Nigeria’s front-line Influencer

Estimated Reading Time: 9 At 21, Enioluwa Adeoluwa fondly called ‘Beauty Boy’ is well known for charting a unique path to an influencer career. Determined to achieve his long-time dream of being popular, Eni appears on camera applying lip gloss and creating relatable content for his youthful audience. I had[Read More…]

INVESTIGATION: Disturbing Tales of How Nigerian Authorities Are Shrinking Civic and Media Space

Estimated Reading Time: 16NewsWireNGR’s Investigative journalist, Ridwan Yusuf spent 6 weeks looking into how the Nigerian government is shrinking the civic and media space. He tracked institutions attacked by the government, individuals harassed, attacked, and jailed, then also proceeded to inquire into websites being censored via Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) – a type of Cyber Attack[Read More…]

Interview: Nigerian journalism needs to evolve a new way for paying for itself – David Hundeyin

Estimated Reading Time: 11David Hundeyin was tired of complaining about the quality of Nigerian Journalism. So he jumped into the Journalism space to make a significant difference. The results were – storified investigative pieces, a Gatefield People Journalism Prize for Africa legislative reviews indepth analysis of some of the major[Read More…]

NON-STOP KILLINGS: How Nigerian Security Agencies’ Impunity, Violent Police Brutality, Deadly Conducts Persist Despite October 2020’s Extraordinary #EndSARS Protests

Estimated Reading Time: 21NewsWireNGR’s Investigative journalist, Ridwan Yusuf spent 4 weeks digging into the dynamics that led to the phenomenal #EndSARS protests of 2020. He discovered that all the issues are still happening. People are still being brutalised by Nigerian security agencies. Young persons are continually harassed months after an event of such magnitude. Ridwan[Read More…]