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Pete Edochie: Biography, Education, Career, Wife and Children, Net Worth, Achievements and Controversy



By Balogun Kamilu Lekan


Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Chief Pete Edochie, MON (born March 7, 1947), is a veteran Nigerian actor and television personality. Currently, he is 75 years old.

Pete Edochie, an indegene of Anambra State, was raised in Zaria, Kaduna.

Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

He is considered one of Africa’s most talented actors and one of Nigeria’s greatest.

Pete rose to prominence when he starred in an NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all-time best-selling novel, Things Fall Apart.


Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Pete Edochie had his elementary education at St. Patrick’s and St. James Primary School, Zaria, before proceeding to St. John’s College for his secondary education. 

After his secondary education, Pete briefly worked with the Railway Corporation before heading to the School of Journalism and Television in England for a diploma.


Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Before he went to the UK, Pete Edochie worked as a radio broadcaster at Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (ENBC) in 1967 before he joined the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

He began as a programme assistant and worked his way up to the position of station director. He served as Deputy Managing Director and Acting Managing Director as needed. Pete Edochie, despite being a rising star in radio broadcasting, left for the big screen.

Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Pete’s first stage performance occurred in 1962, when his school staged The Merchant of Venice, a play by William Shakespeare. Many years later, he acted as Okokkwo in the station’s adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. 

Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

His role in the play was so well portrayed, and this became his breakthrough project.

Pete Edochie has since become a Nollywood phenomenon. Later he got featured in big screen projects like Rituals, Chain Reaction, Narrow Escape, Lost Kingdom, Holy Ghost Fire, Greedy Genius, Terrible Sin, Battle Line, Rejection Son, Set Up, and Lost Kingdom, amongst others. 

Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Over time, Pete’s role has since evolved as he became a go-to character for roles like a disciplined father, king, wealthy man, and village head.

He has been a consistent movie star for over three decades and still delivers and maintains his status as an A-list celebrity.


Pete Edochie’s wife

Pete is married to Josephine Edochie. Their marriage, spanning more than ten decades, has brought forth six children.

Pete Edochie’s children

  • Leo Edochie
  • Uche Edochie
  • Lincoln Edochie
  • Gene Edochie
  • Yul Chibuike Edochie
  • Eva Edochie

Like their father, Linc and Yul Edochie are also professional actors in the Nigerian movie industry.

Net worth

Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Pete’s net worth is estimated to worth $4 million. However, NewswireNGR cannot independently verify this at the moment.


Photo: Instagram/@peteedochie

Throughout his career, the veteran actor has won several awards. Some of which include

  • Movie Personality of the Year
  • Best Actor in Africa
  • Best Actor in Nigeria
  • Member of the Order of the Niger
  • Best of Nollywood (BON)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Industry Merit Award
  • Life Impact Awards


  • Heavy Battle
  • Test Your Heart
  • Greatest Harvest
  • Secret Pain
  • Fair Game
  • Holy Cross
  • Lacrima
  • Living with Death
  • Passage of Kings
  • Simple Baby
  • Zoza
  • Azima
  • Baby Girl
  • End of Money
  • Living in Tears
  • Never End
  • No More War
  • Ola… the Morning Sun
  • Price of Ignorance
  • The Price of Love: Life Is Beautifu
  • Sacred Tradition
  • The Tyrant
  • Across the Niger
  • Coronation
  • Dogs Meeting
  • Dons in Abuja
  • The Heart of Man
  • King of the Jungle
  • Love from Above
  • My Desire
  • Negative Influence
  • The Staff of Odo
  • St. Michael
  • Above Death: In God We Trust
  • Arrows
  • Billionaire Club
  • Egg of Life
  • Honey
  • Love & Politics
  • Miserable Wealth
  • The Omega
  • Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage
  • Rejected Son
  • Selfish Desire
  • Super Love
  • Tears in the Sun
  • Tunnel of Love
  • When God Says Yes
  • Battle Line
  • My Love
  • Tears & Sorrows
  • Greedy Genius
  • Holy Ghost Fire
  • Terrible Sin
  • Oduduwa
  • Set-Up
  • Chain Reaction
  • Lost Kingdom
  • Narrow Escape
  • Living in Darkness
  • Rituals
  • Things Fall Apart
  • Last Ofalla
  • Lion throne
  • Lion of Africa
  • Igodo
  • Evil men
  • Monkey chop banana
  • Idemili
  • 50 days with Christ
  • The Egg
  • Unroyal
  • Lionheart
  • Mummy Why


In 2020, Pete alleged that his life is under threat for his role in a movie, Fatal arrogance.

The Nigerian Army reportedly sponsored the movie to portray the Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) as a terrorist organization.

Pete’s role in the movie is likened to that of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of the IMN, who has been in detention since December 2015

Reacting to the threat, Pete said, “I don’t understand what the IMN is driving at. The film we shot is not even out; it has not been edited, the production is not complete.

“I am suggesting that you wait, keep your gunpowder dry, when the film is released, you can now make your grumbles known to the Inspector-General of Police.

“Whatever is being done now is premature, it is not proper.


The information in this article was curated from online sources. NewsWireNGR or its editorial team cannot independently verify all details.

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