How to identify a fake job invite/interview in Nigeria

With the unemployment rate in Nigeria pegged at 33%, the second highest on the global list, it is not impossible to throw caution into the air in search of a job. Many Nigerians have fallen victim of con artists and bad people in the name of attending a job interview in Nigeria. Abbreviations such as “GNLD” should sound a relative note. 

Here are some ways to identify fake job invites/interviews in Nigeria to avoid wasting your time, transport fare, and in some cases, your LIFE.

Unsolicited email/text

You need to apply for a job before you get an invite right? So, why are you considering attending an interview invite you never submitted an application for. If you get a random invite for an interview, don’t attend. 

There is however an exception to this rule. If you had submitted your CV with a recruitment agency, it is possible to get a random invite. Always confirm with the agency before attending.

Do some web surfing

Don’t attend a job interview invite without first doing some research on the company. Do they have a website, check how legit it is. Scroll down to the bottom of the site to see their real name. Most sites should have their name in the copyright section; something like © company XYZ, All Rights Reserved. You can always base your research on the name of this company or search using Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) portal; or make use of to ascertain if they are registered or not.

Ask Friends

It is likely your friends or family members have fallen victim of these job scam prior. If the invite is not from a company you indeed applied to, post the address and invite message on your WhatsApp status to request if anyone has prior experience with the said company. In case you are bothered about your privacy, you may message them privately or present the post as though you are not the person in concern.

Use Forums

Forums are one of the most engaging places to request information. Do a simple search with the name of the company or its address on available Forums in Nigeria. We recommend Nairaland as it is the biggest Forum in Nigeria. 

Google Search

Copy and paste the interview invite message on Google. Since Google crawl lots of sites to return results, it is likely to present you with previous victims’ observations and experience with the company sending the invite.


We understand how frustrating it could be without a job in a country like Nigeria. However, we recommend you are always careful. Do thorough research of a company before honouring their interview invite. If possible, don’t attend an interview invite by a company you never submitted an application to. 

When attending any interview whatsoever, always inform your close associates of your movement.

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