5 things to do before attending a job interview in Nigeria

Job interviews in Nigeria come with all the anxiety that you can ever think of, however, this is not the best time to panic. Instead, you need to tame your fear and wear a confident face. This does not mean you should present a fake version of yourself during the interview.

In case this is your first interview for a job in Nigeria, here are five things to know:

Research The Company

So, you have read through the job description? Perfect! But that is not where it should all stop. Go a step further by researching the company. What do they really do? Who are their biggest clients? Why do you think they need someone to fill in the job role you are applying for? 

There is nothing wrong with checking other employees of the company to gauge the atmosphere of the company. This knowledge will enable you to have a great conversation with the interviewer(s) during the interview.

Acquaint Yourself With Common Interview Questions

Search online to acquaint yourself with how to answer common interview questions such as “Can you introduce yourself?”

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There are loads of ebooks that treat this topic fantastically well. You can access such a library at for FREE. You can do a search of “Common Interview Questions” to get results of hundreds of books tackling just that.

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Close your eyes for a moment, see yourself in the position of the interviewer. Present an argument on why you should be hired. Being in the interviewer’s seat, do you think the argument is convincing enough? If yes, then you just have an elevator pitch. It should showcase your strength in the most honest way possible. No bragging. Being confident is okay.

Research The Pay Rate and Job Description

One of the questions you are most likely to come across is, “how much are you expecting to be paid?”. Although there is no perfect way to answer this question, researching the pay rate for the job will give you an idea of what to request. It is also advisable to give a range instead of a fixed figure.

Prepare Questions for the Interviewer

An interview is best when it is not one-sided. Engage the interviewer as much as they engage you. Ask them questions based on ideas you came up with during your research about the company. 

Let us assume you discovered during your research that they are handling a project for a client. If you notice anything they could adjust, ask questions on why they are using their present strategy instead of the one you think is better. 

Something like, “I could see you are handling client XYZ business using PQR software. Why PQR and not MNO software?” 

Just make sure the question is insightful and not those already answered in the job description.

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