Kano Government makes it compulsory for rich individuals and organizations to give Zakat

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Chairman of the Kano State Zakat and Hisbah, Sheikh Usman Yusuf says the commission has inaugurated an 11-man task force committee to ensure the collection of Zakat for the needy from organisations and wealthy individuals in the state.

He disclosed this to journalists on Thursday saying that “this committee, as from today will go to Tahir Guest Palace, Ni’imah Guest Inn, Jaiz Bank and Taj Bank, to remind them about the importance of Zakat.”
Also speaking at the press conference, the Director-General of the commission, Alhaji Safiyanu Abubakar, said “It is compulsory for every well-to-do individual or organization to give out a certain percentage of their wealth as Zakat.”

He disclosed further that members of the state House of Assembly, especially the religious affairs committee, has given the committee the mandate to collect Zakat.

He said, “as a committee, we are trying to institute a stand that anyone seeking to contest any election in the state must present evidence that he or she has been paying Zakat to the commission.”

He added that the commission had come up with a new method of collection, adding that every wealthy individual must pay Zakat.

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