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Nasir El’rufai say Kaduna-Abuja highway is safest road in Nigeria

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El’rufai on Thursday described Kaduna-Abuja highway as the safest road in Nigeria. ?

He said the Kaduna-Abuja highway has not witnessed a single kidnapping or criminality incident in two and half month.

The Governor disclosed this at the opening ceremony of Federal and States Security Administrators Meeting in the state, DailyTrust Newspaper reports.

NewsWireNGR understands that, to avoid Nigeria’s notorious kidnapping gangs thousands of commuters pack on to trains each day between the capital, Abuja, and the city of Kaduna.

Abductors are asked to pay as much $1,300 (£1,000) for his freedom. The high-way is famous for notorious gangs operations and banditry by various militant groups across Nigeria.

By road the 150km (93-mile) journey between the two cities is cheaper and shorter, but it has become a matter of life and death as dozens of travellers are kidnapped along the highway – and many are killed, according to a BBC report.

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