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Boko Haram terrorists group has killed four aid workers



Boko Haram terrorists group has killed four aid workers it kidnapped in July.

Ahmad Salkida, a journalist with access to the terror group revealed. The aid workers are officials of the Action Against Hunger, Ahmed Salkida said in a tweet on Friday.

A fifth aid worker among the kidnapped, Grace Taku, who was the only female, has not been killed but condemned to “life of slavery,” Mr Salkida said quotiing the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP), a breakaway faction of Boko Haram.

The six aid workers were kidnapped on July 19 in Borno when armed gunmen attacked the vehicles used by AAH. The victims later appeared in a video six days later, begging the Nigerian government to ensure their release. One of them was killed in September by the terror group before today’s murder of four others.

Salkida said, “ISWAP executes four more, releases video. All four are male humanitarian workers of Action Against Hunger abducted since July, 2019. The only female amongst them, Grace Taku, according to ISWAP, is condemned to life of slavery.”

Quoting an inside source, the journalist said the execution of the aide workers followed breakdown of talks with the Federal Government.

“ISWAP claims the execution was as a result of breakdown of talks with the government,” he said.

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