Buhari Has Committed Impeachable Offences & Should Be Removed— Says Senator

One time Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and member of the Akwa-Ibom State Elders Forum, Senator Anietie Okon in this interview, scores Governor Udom Emmanuel high in terms of performance within his first 100 days.

In an interview with Vanguard, the Senator is displeased with President Muhammadu Buhari alleging certain constitutional breaches which should provoke his impeachment. He is worried that the cardinal points that sustain Nigeria as one cohesive nation are being threatened by the President’s approach to governance.


What is your view on the alleged skewed appointments so far made by President Muhammadu Buhari?

Well, you know that is directly in breach of the constitution. The President maybe, heard what I said recently in an interview that he has been operating as a sole administrator and there is no provision in the Constitution of this country for the business of governance to be conducted in that manner.

Again; even in the attempt to people his administration, what we have had is a clear breach of the Constitution.
The very foundations of this country are very clear. The foundations demand a recognition of the differences that have ensured the emergence of a country and it is unacceptable where you fail to recognize the federal character of our make up as a country. This is not only condemnable but poses real danger for the future of this country.

Breach of the constitution

If you look at it, it is a replication of the experience the citizens of Ghana were exposed to and they are better off for it because they were able to compare and come to the decisions of which given the circumstance, by the time they went for election, they had a better option and they chose the opposition that produced the Late Professor John as president.

So, in a nutshell, President Buhari is operating in breach of the constitution, he is in breach of the Nigerian Constitution by the way and manner he is approaching governance and that is an impeachable offense.

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