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Mob Burn Suspected Suicide Bomber In Gombe

Angry mob Tuesday burnt a suspected suicide bomber at Gombe Line motor park where bomb blast killed at least 30 people three weeks ago.

Reports say the bomber arrived the park with a sack, but refused to be screened by people at the entrance of the station Gombe, the capital of Gombe state, North East Nigeria.

He forced his way into the premises of the park where he dropped the wired sack said to be an Improvised Explosive Device.

He then tried to run away with a remote control in his hands. He was accosted by the people who hung tire on him, doused him with petrol and burnt him alive, Daily Trust gathered.

A youth from among the crowd took the risk of taking out the IED the bomber left in the park to the main road so as to limit the damage the bomb would cost if it explodes.

Daily Trust reports that the body of the suspect is on fire now while at officers from police anti-bomb unit have arrived the scene.

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