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Nigerian Police Force Promotes 24,118 Officers In One Fell Swoop



In order to boost the morale of police officers and as a way of rewarding those who have excelled as policemen, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar has promoted as many as Twenty-four thousand, One hundred and eighteen officers. This is the highest number of policemen being promoted at a go in the history of the Nigerian Police Force. The Policemen were promoted into the following ranks:
i.        One (1) Commissioner of Police to Assistant InspectorGeneral of Police,
ii.      Six (6) Deputy Commissioners of Police to Commissioners of Police,
iii.           Seven (7) Assistant Commissioners of Police to Deputy Commissioners of Police,
iv.                Seven (7) Chief Superintendents of Police to Assistant Commissioners of  Police,
v.                  Two hundred and forty-two (242) Superintendents of Police to Chief Superintendents of Police,
vi.                Four hundred and twenty-four (424) Deputy Superintendents of Police to Superintendents of Police,
vii.               Seven hundred and fifteen (715) Assistant Superintendents of Police to Deputy Superintendents of Police,
viii.             Five thousand, one hundred and fifteen (5,115) Inspectors to Assistant Superintendents of Police,
ix.                 Fifty-five (55) Senior Inspectors to Principal Inspectors,
x.                  Five Hundred and twenty-five (525) Inspectors to Senior Inspectors,
xi.                 Two thousand, six hundred and seventy-one (2,671) Sergeants to Inspectors,
xii.               Two thousand eight hundred and seventy-six (2,876) Corporals to Sergeants, and
xiii.              Eleven thousand four hundred and seventy-four (11,474) Police Constables to Corporals.
The Inspector General of Police has congratulated the newly promoted officers and he also encouraged them to consider their promotion as increase in responsibilities. Abubakar urged the officers to renew their dedication and professionalism. He enjoined them to be ethical in the discharge of their duties and ensure they respect the fundamental human rights of the citizens.

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