Author: Tahiru Sherriff

Inclusiveness in Nigeria’s school system: Navigating new paths

In 2017 while working as a fixer for Regency Foundation on a documentary about the Centre for Girls Education, I saw Amina. She was standing beside the walls of a classroom in Tudun Wada Zaria, listening to and repeating the words from the voices of other children inside a class. [Read More…]

Feminists fired the first shot, After that, we all assembled like the ‘Avengers’ #EndSARS

Fighting for freedom from foreign lands. As millions of Nigerians marched in protest for good governance, millions more fought thousands of kilometres away from their homeland through their mobile phones. Nigeria’s Independence Day was followed by massive youth protests against a brutal division of its police force: The Special Anti[Read More…]

“Our parents are the weakest link” – #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria re-introduces conversations on the global generational divide

After one week of nationwide anger the Inspector General of Police and the President of Nigeria finally gave in, and came on air to announce the dissolution of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). This was of course quickly followed up by the setting up of another unit to replace[Read More…]

Edo Decides: Early signs of a transition from party-based elections?

In January 2019 the biggest catchphrase was ‘Nigeria Decides’. This catchphrase was used extensively across social media handles during the period. It indicated that Nigerians were going to the polls to decide on their own leadership with their votes. Today, as in the last general elections, the question still comes[Read More…]

Tahiru Sherriff: Media for development, Beyond our role as watchdogs

Against all it’s visual and its cerebral attractions, my journey into the media world was a personal one, triggered by thinking about better ways that the same things we are already doing can be done. That’s why It has been an exciting three months of poring through the work YIAGA Africa has[Read More…]

Political contestations, violence and conduct of elections in Africa

Last year ended on a scary note for democracy in Nigeria. The most vivid of the events, was the arrest, detainement, and trial of Sahara Reporters founder Omoyele Sowore – an event that gripped the nation like a Hollywood horror script. In one frame, an agent is seen lying on[Read More…]

A generation influencing Nigeria’s governance process – more than fresh ideas

Nigeria’s youngest President is still alive today. Former military President Yakubu Gowon, was thirty one years old, and still single when he became leader of the most populous black nation in the world. Rumour was that, on some nights, he drove with the Presidential convoy to meet his girlfriend at[Read More…]

Anti-social media bill and rift between citizenry, government

“The point in contention, in Nigeria, is that with such bill in the hands of a government many fear is capable of abusing power is a dangerous weapon.” The Nigerian government’s intention to pass the Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill, popularly termed as the Social Media bill, combined[Read More…]

How one organization is changing African elections through technology

Every day, the average cosmopolitan Nigerian uses technology: An app for buying electricity from Disco’s, Uber for moving around the city, WhatsApp and Facebook for connecting with friends and family, Twitter for breaking news, and Google Map for locating places. There is, however, limited technology to help citizens regularly connect[Read More…]