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8 Most Dangerous Prisons in the World



Here are some of the most dangerous prisons in the world:

1. Carandiru Penitentiary, Brazil

This prison in São Paulo was once the largest prison in Latin America. It was notorious for its violence and overcrowding. In 1992, a riot broke out that resulted in the deaths of 111 inmates. The prison was closed in 2002.

2. Tadmur Military Prison, Syria

This prison in Palmyra is known for its brutality. Prisoners are subjected to torture, rape, and execution. The prison was closed in 2001 but reopened in 2011.

3. La Modelo Prison, Colombia

This prison in Bogotá is overcrowded and rife with gang violence. Inmates are often forced to live in squalid conditions and are at risk of being attacked or killed.

4. San Quentin State Prison, California, USA

This prison is known for its high security and its history of violence. It is home to some of the most dangerous criminals in California, including murderers, rapists, and gang members.

5. Bang Kwang Central Prison, Thailand

This prison is known for its harsh conditions and its high death rate. Prisoners are often forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions, and they are not given adequate medical care.

6. Rikers Island, New York, USA

This prison complex is known for its violence, overcrowding, and poor sanitation. It has been the subject of numerous investigations and reports, and it has been called “one of the most troubled correctional facilities in the United States.”

7. ADX Florence, Colorado, USA

This supermax prison is known for its extreme security measures. Prisoners are held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, and they are not allowed any contact with the outside world.

8. Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Cuba

This detention camp is used to hold suspected terrorists and enemy combatants. The conditions at the camp have been criticized by human rights groups, who have accused the US government of torture and abuse.

These are just a few of the most dangerous prisons in the world. The conditions in these prisons can be extremely harsh, and the inmates often face violence, abuse, and neglect.


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