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Behold the Top 5 Happiest Cities in Africa in 2023



Amid the vibrant tapestry of our diverse continent, certain cities resonate with a unique symphony of happiness. These urban havens are more than mere statistics; they embody authentic smiles, shared moments, and the heartbeats of those who proudly call them home.

Embarking on a journey into the heart of Africa’s happiest cities, we step into a world where genuine lives and unadulterated joy entwine in a seamless dance.

Behold the Top 5 Happiest Cities in Africa, as revealed by the 2023 Happy City Index:


1. Victoria, Seychelles: Ascending to the 155th global rank, Victoria in Seychelles stands as the zenith of our happiness spectrum. This tropical paradise gracefully melds modern living with the tranquil caress of nature. Amidst azure waters and lush landscapes, the residents of Victoria thrive in the delicate balance of governance, economy, environment, and mobility. In this haven, happiness isn’t just a fleeting emotion—it’s intricately woven into the very fabric of daily existence.

Johannesburg, South Africa

2. Johannesburg, South Africa: Proudly securing the 166th spot worldwide, Johannesburg, the resilient heart of South Africa, tells a tale of unity in diversity. With effective governance, a bustling economy, and seamless mobility, the city’s denizens have transformed challenges into stepping stones towards enduring happiness. The story of Johannesburg illustrates how embracing happiness becomes an integral part of life itself.

Tshwane, South Africa

3. Tshwane, South Africa: Carrying the 178th global ranking, Tshwane embodies the coexistence of heritage and progress. This city is a living testament to inclusivity in governance and sustainable economic endeavors. Melding its storied past with a forward-looking vision, Tshwane’s journey encompasses both community spirit and environmental stewardship. Through collective efforts, the city paints a portrait of triumph in nurturing shared happiness.

Cape Town, South Africa

4. Cape Town, South Africa: Standing 180th on the global scale, Cape Town is a captivating fusion of natural beauty and urban allure. It is a city that fosters dreams and nurtures innovation, crafting an environment where contentment thrives. Cape Town’s focus on environment, economy, and mobility converges to create a symphony of happiness amid diverse cultures and abundant opportunities.

5. Durban, South Africa: Radiating from its core and claiming the 192nd global position, Durban shines as a vibrant mosaic of cultures. Nestled along the coast, this city exudes happiness as it embraces diversity, drives economic growth, and safeguards its surroundings. Durban’s residents bask in the warmth of community bonds and the allure of their coastal environment, setting an inspiring example of how unity kindles boundless happiness.

In the heart of these cities, happiness is not a fleeting concept; it is an ingrained way of life, interwoven with the rhythms of existence. As we traverse the streets of Victoria, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town, and Durban, we witness the embodiment of genuine smiles, shared moments, and the heartbeat of happiness echoing across our vibrant continent.

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