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Is it dangerous to make calls, use earpiece while your phone is charging?

The discussion on whether it is safe or dangerous to use your cell phone while charging is a hot debate in the tech and conventional world.

All experts have been unable to settle for a specific answer.

Is it safe to use your phone while charging?

Yes, it is safe. But might be dangerous based on certain conditions. Imagine your home socket, it is safe to plug, but can be dangerous if you are trying to plug a gadget with naked wire, you know those without a plug.

There have been reports of deaths and injuries arising from the use of a phone while charging. One of such reports was published by The Sun UK, about a Brazilian girl. But a careful perusal of the story would reveal it wasn’t confirmed if the girl was killed by electrocution. 

A hospital spokesman told local media: “The girl’s grandmother told the doctor that they found her granddaughter unconscious, lying on the floor and with headphones in her ears.

“They said they believe that the young woman had an electric shock because the cell phone was charging and the phone was melted.”

“The relatives said that the girl had received a shock, but the causes of death will still be confirmed.”

Mobile phones are insulated, likewise earphones. Problems may arise if the earphone is faulty such that the insulated areas are exposed, thus allowing transfer of electricity to the body. Without this, it may be said that using your phone while charging is safe.

Is it advisable to use your phone while charging?

In all its ramifications, it is not advisable. Cell Phones are meant to be left to charge, so, therefore, there is a need to leave them be, for fast charging. Also, while charging, mobile phones tend to get hot. Without injuring you, the hotness may make its use uncomfortable. 

Also, just like any electrical gadget, the plug or charger may develop a fault during charge. This is why it is better to be far off, in case such may occur, rather than being close and probably having hand contact with the charger during such a situation.

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