‘It Is Evil For The All Progressives Congress To Attack The Church’

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Prince Uche Secondus, the Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in this interview, bares his mind on how prepared his party is to win the March 28 and April 11 general elections, why Nigerians should vote for President Goodluck Jonathan, the politics of Rivers State, and in strong terms condemned the opposition APC for attacking the church.

Read excerpts of the Conversation with Vanguard’s Henry Umoru.

If you have to reflect on your campaign so far, are there things you would have wished they were done differently?

Not at all. The only regret is that when we visited some of the states in the North, some misguided youths threw stones at us.

We are inclined to believe that it was part of the APC propaganda to arrange the youths to attack Mr President in some of these northern states to create the impression that the President is not liked by Nigerians.

The fact of the matter is that a party has been on the ground for over 16years. If you do a comparative analysis, you will know that we have the structure across all the wards and the polling units across the country and this is their major headache, how to dislodge us.

They believe that by engaging in the throwing of stones and misinformation and propaganda, blackmail, those things will turn the people against us. But those things are not working because we know their tricks.

Governor Amaechi of Rivers State, who is also the DG of the Buhari Campagn, specifically, accused the leadership of the Church in Nigeria of receiving N6billion from the PDP and the Presidency. This is part of the misinformation to the public, it is evil.

I have said it before severally that when they come up with all these stories, the ultimate aim is to misinform Nigerians in order to destabilize the country. So we should watch out. This was the trend in 1965, 1966. APC is beating the drums for crisis and bloodshed.

Amaechi said they will form a parallel government if they don’t win. Oyegun (APC National Chairman) repeated the threat. This has to stop; the country has reached a level where people should know the truth about the lies being disseminated by the APC leadership.


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