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Interview with Moronmubo Esther: A musician in Nigeria Police Force



By David Leon Godwin

Mrs Moronmubo Folashade Esther, or Moronmubo Esther (her stage name), was born and raised in Lagos. 

She is the oldest child from a family of four in Lagos state, Nigeria, where she spent most of her life and where she also schooled, but she is an indigene of Ondo state. 

She currently serves as a police officer in Oshogbo, Òsùn state, Nigeria, where she has served in the music department for the past three years and also sings in a band, ‘Mubest Entertainment’. She also plays the alto saxophone.

NewsWireNGR got to converse with Moronmubo Esther after she granted a virtual interview, giving us a bit of her history, and answering some questions. 

We started off the interview by getting to know her and finding out where she draws her inspiration. It was a pretty insightful conversation.

Moronmubo Folashade Esther

Can you tell me a bit about your life growing up and your life now?

Well I am Moronmubo Folashade Esther. I was born and raised in Lagos. I had my life and education in Lagos State, where I was born into a family of 4 being the eldest.

I am from Ondo State so meaning that I am a Lagosian by birth, from Ondo state and currently serving in Oshogbo òsùn state.

I started my musical career at the age of 7 and from the Celestial Church of Christ known as Tapa Parish in Ebute Meta, Lagos. I am happily married.

My life growing up was filled with fun, excitement and so many ups and down. This is somehow expected in the life of all human-created on Earth.

How did you find your passion for music?

It’s is what I have enjoyed and loved doing ever since I was 8yrs old and it’s been part of my life up till this moment.

It’s lovely that you started young, but did your family always supports your music?

If not for God and my mom,my music career would have become a thing of the past just because my dad never liked me singing.however I thank God to have brought me thus far.

Also, my dad will do all to make sure that I don’t attend all music practice in church and he even came to my school to tell me to leave art class because it involves music as a subject. So that is it.

That must have been discouraging. We also know that you are in the police force, because there is a popular video of you in a  police uniform, performing with some other people also in police uniforms. It looked like a band was performing. What exactly was that event about?

That is us all, in our duties and we were at the officer’s mess. And this is a monthly gathering of all seniors and lower ranks in the Nigeria police force whereby stakeholders will come together to talk about the affairs of the state and other related important issues.

Oh, that’s amazing it’s good that the police also likes to have a little fun. At what point did your professional music career, and your career as a police officer begin?

Like I said earlier I started singing at age 7 but if I will need to to do my calculations,I have over 20yrs experience as a musician and I also have 18yrs as a police officer but didn’t start music in the police until I got to my current base in Oshogbo And it’s been 3 years now.

Also I will like to appreciate my boss in the person of DSP Kayode Okanlawon who created the path for me when I got to Oshogbo.

Likewise, my husband in the person of Mr Akinbiyi David Tunde for being there for me all the time as he has been my rock and backbone after God Almighty in heaven.”

Has it been easy combining your music career with your job as a police officer?

So many have been asking this question but let me state it clearly that I a still doing my job as a musician and a police officer because I am directly in the band department.

And as you know that there are many departments in the Nigeria police force, so I am not doing a two in one job but just a one in one job and in my department.

I understand that it is a one in one job, but do you think you would at some point focus more on your music career, maybe to the point where you want to leave the police force?

To be sincere it’s been very hectic trying to combine the call of duty and my personal career as it is time demanding and dedication to human endeavor.

However, as tough as it may be, I try to shuffle the two and not really sleeping on the job as my personal career is also important.

Let me also add that I am open to partnership and anyone who wants to personally assist me to get instruments to kick start my own personal band too.

Your fan base keeps growing, is this something you are excited about?

Hmm, seriously I am not too moved but you know when you are doing something good and you start having that larger crowd who loves what you do, you know at some point, one might be easily carried away.

As for me, my focus is to be good and work hard to do my best and make everyone happy, while my joy is to keep using my medium to change people’s orientation about the Nigeria police force.

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