INTERVIEW: I am a unicorn in the music industry, first of my type — Producer/Artiste, Dunnie

Oladunni Lawal understands her relevance in the Nigerian music industry, so her parting shot as we ended the interview was: “I want this story to inspire young girls to be whatever they want to be”. For the most part of our discussion, Oladunni, popularly known by her stage name ‘Dunnie’[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: ‘We were growing really fast then travel stopped for 12 months’ — Funmi Oyatogun shares how TVP Adventures survived COVID-19

Early 2020, Nigeria’s tourism industry was in its best state.  The country’s music industry was peaking and a 2019 year-end party atmosphere, dubbed ‘Detty December’ had positioned Nigeria as the go-to African country for fun and parties.  But just as tour agencies were priming themselves to be the biggest beneficiary[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Jewel Okwechime’s template for creating success and giving back to society

Jewel Okwechime has accomplished success across multiple career paths.  Over a decade ago, she was an environmentalist at the top of the oil and gas industry. Many organisations in the sector sought her consultancy service because of her unique and cost-effective strategies of disposing waste whilst achieving environmental and safety[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Why I started a personal branding company — Dipo Awojide

Dipo Awojide, a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University has for the past 6 years built a reputation as an advocate for self-development. In this interview with NewswireNGR’s Oladele Owodina, the man popularly known as Ogbeni Dipo shares how this passion for this led him to build a personal branding[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Aisha Salaudeen shares insight into her new podcast, ‘I Like Girls’

When I spoke to Aisha Salaudeen, she had just released the first episode of her ‘I like girls‘ podcast and she sounded excited on the virtual call. “I like girls” she says, “explores the experiences that women on the continent go through”. “You know the experience of a woman in[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: How COVID-19 birthed Run Club Abuja, the most active run club in Abuja

At the start of 2020, if anyone had told Henry Okelue he would start the most active run club in Abuja, he would have laughed off the prediction.   Around that time, he was a regular 43-year-old man who lived a solitary active lifestyle.  Then COVID-19 came and Henry, like many[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Over 1,300 MSMEs and still counting — How Ayo Bankole Akintujoye is helping small businesses across Nigeria thrive

Anyone who has a grasp of how countries economy work will preach that micro, small and medium scale businesses (MSMES) are critical to the development of Nigeria.  These MSMEs play a significant role in the national economy by providing various goods and services, creating job opportunities, developing regional economies and[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Why an artist should hire a lawyer before manager — Olayemi Oladapo, music lawyer speaks on legal pitfalls in the industry

The music industry offers its successful players an intersection of glamour and life’s finer thrills – wealth, foreign cars, bling jewellery, expensive wines, and adoration from millions of fans.  But beneath all these is the core of every business that binds the industry together – collaborations, agreements, and contracts between[Read More…]

INTERVIEW: Caleb Okereke, 22-year-old Minority Africa Founder changing Africa’s narrative

Conversations about Africa in the Western world is centred on manoeuvring poverty and violence that it is sometimes difficult to know what else is happening.  Less attention is given to the positive trends and underlying successes of the continent.  Fortunately, the continent has grown its own storytellers and more young[Read More…]

[INTERVIEW] Queer and Muslim: Azeenarh Mohammed blurring the parallel lines of LGBTQ+ and religion

Azeenarh Mohammed is an accomplished woman. She is an upper-class Fulani lady that has made a name for herself in the legal profession, as a human rights activist, as an author and in the tech space.  Despite these; her biggest win she says is coming to terms with her sexuality. [Read More…]