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#Erotica101: Amanda, Don’t Kill My Vibe



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I drove out in search of a wild night. Just five years after marriage and Amanda is already killing my sexual life. She won’t let me touch her and yet she multiplies my pain with her nagging nature. She won’t succeed in killing my vibe at least not this Friday evening. After a terrible day at work with horrible bosses, a man should be welcomed into the waiting arms of his wife, a good meal and of course some good sex. Instead of all these, I get a nagging wife who presents me with mere pastries and won’t even let me see her panties talk less of touching her.
I am still in my thirties and I can’t begin to live the life of a monk when I know I am married to a very sexy lady who now prefers to act like she is a nun whereas she isn’t. We have just two kids; a boy and a girl. Yes, I know she gave birth to both through C.S and for that reason, we have agreed not to have any more kids as she almost gave up the ghost when she gave birth to our last baby, Olivia. Jeffery’s birth was hell also but when compared to that of his younger sister, his was heaven.

Yes, we have agreed to have no more kids but at least we never signed a pact to stop having good quality sex; that type which attracted us to one another in our second year at university. I remember when Amanda and I will cuddle, squeeze and kiss at various odd places and at odd times too. Yes, I had roommates who rarely went for classes or had a social life so there were often in the room and there were so stubborn that they wouldn’t leave the room even if I told them my girlfriend was coming.

The first time she visited the room was the first time she gave me fellatio… Men, I have read and heard so much about blow-jobs but I can tell you, no one does it better than Amanda. Unknown to her, that was the first time ever I was getting a B.J and it felt so good. I had lied to her severally of my previous sexcapades in past relationships but all those were lies as she was actually my first girlfriend unknown to her.

As I was saying, she didn’t just suck my dick real good, she also grabbed my balls in her hands and somehow bounced it on her palms before taking the twins in her mouth at once. She had a way of sucking them mildly and there was no way you wouldn’t moan if she has you in her mouth. With my testes buried in her mouth, she would pull my penis down, release it and then pull again. She had been able to visit me in the room because my roommates had gone for one of our classmate’s Dad’s burial. I feigned illness and refused to go with them because I had plans with Amanda to seize this rare opportunity.

I remember that hot afternoon like the back of my palms because it was that day I had sex for the first time unknown to Amanda. She noticed I was naïve at some point but she thought it was only because it was my first time with her. I was so tensed up that she actually helped me put on my condom and she practically put my massive dick into her vagina as she urged me on. I didn’t last more than 5 minutes before suffering a weak erection. She took off the condom and knelt before me. She massaged my dick and then buried it in her cleavage. She used her boobs to massage it so hard that the erection became so pronounced shortly after. If I thought round 1 was tough, it was only because I didn’t know what was coming in the 2nd round. She taught me the doggie style for the second round and taught me how to ride in and hit the right spot. Of course, I couldn’t satisfy her but she was patient with me. I remember she had said something like “Dickson, don’t worry you would have to get used to this style or the cow-girl sooner than later, those are my favourite positions”.
While she taught me various crazy stuffs she loved, I began to wonder how many boyfriends she has had in the past and at what age she started having sex since she was just 20 at this time. I wondered if her fellowship members knew that their choir mistress had other secret talents such as this. I wondered if she will eventually realize that I had just lost my virginity to her. I wondered so many things but she brought me back to life when she said: “Next time we fuck, it will be your turn to give me head”. I had wondered if I will be able to cope with cunnilingus which I considered very disgusting based on romance stories I had previously read.

As I approached Allen Avenue, I wondered how this sex symbol of a wife I married had suddenly become so conservative and boring and how her sex life had moved from 100 to 0%. Is it possible that she was cheating on me with some other men or she had suddenly become tired of sex and even romance? As I kept wondering, I saw girls of various shapes, sizes and colors leaning towards my car windows. As the girls waved me down, I wondered what the night truly had in store for me.

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