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#Erotica101 The Glorious Boobs, Journey To The Other Side [18+] MUST READ!!



By Vivian Oji

I was always fascinated by Ngozi’s boobs. They were double D wonders that made me want to grab and squeeze and bury my face in them. They conquered the force of gravity, not requiring any brassiere for support. Her tiny waist and small frame further accentuated those marvellous mammary glands.

Sometimes I imagined sucking her huge nipples. I think my fascination was because I was not as endowed as she was. Not that I am bad-looking or anything like that; I have a creamy skin, long legs and a nicely shaped backside. Add to that a pretty face with a cute nose, large eyes and full lips.

If you accused me of being hot, you would not be wrong.

But Ngozi’s boobs…

I can’t remember when we first met but we had been in the same social circle for four years, running into each other at events, book-readings, concerts, and hangouts with mutual friends etc. We slowly graduated from acquaintances to friends. I liked her because she was fun, engaging, free, intelligent and not judgemental. And, of course, her beautiful boobs.

That night, after one of our usual hangouts with our group of friends, Ngozi offered me a ride home. As she drove down Third Mainland Bridge, she suggested that it might not be a good idea to drive all the way to my place at Adeniyi Jones. She offered me her place for the night and I agreed.

We gossiped about our friends as we got ready for bed; she thought it was a bad idea for me to sleep in her guest room as the air-conditioner was bad. So I settled to sleep in her bed. I was finally close enough to touch her breasts.

She took her clothes off and slipped into her flimsy see-through night wear. I could see her boobs in all their glory. I was not going to act on my desire because I knew she was straight as I was. I pretended that I was calm. I moved as close to the edge of bed as possible as far away from her as possible.

Her moans woke me up. In my restless sleep, I had rolled to her side of bed and clearly she had inched closer to mine too. I opened my eyes and turned over to see that her knees were raised and her thighs spread apart and her fingers buried between them. My eyes trailed up her thighs to look at her eyes; they were half-shut from pleasure, her lips were parted as she moaned.

My heart raced; I did not know what to do. Was this an invitation to participate? Or was she just so carried away, that she had forgotten I was there? I hesitated; she looked at me as she stroked her pussy. I could feel myself getting wet. In that second, I invited myself to the party. I sat up and began to caress her thighs. Her skin was smooth as silk.

I let my hands down her thighs; my fingers found hers and they stroked her; I moved her hand aside and touched her soaking wet lips. I slid two fingers in her wet cunt, moaned louder. Although, I had not been with a woman before, I knew just what to do from the million times I had touched myself. I stroked her for a bit as she massaged her boobs.

Those glorious boobs.

I took out my fingers dripping with juice and put them to my nose; she smelt heavenly, like pussy should. I licked my fingers and she tasted divine. Then I put my head between her legs and inhaled. I licked her, tentatively at first, then I rolled my tongue around the fold where her clit and lips met; the skin felt so smooth as I licked, so I sucked on it.

She moaned louder and she pushed my head down between her legs. I ate her pussy, juice spread all over my face and then slid my hand between my thighs. I began to stroke myself, and thrust my tongue inside her pussy as I pushed my finger inside mine. Her moans became more urgent and when I pulled her clit into my mouth to suck again, her thighs stiffened then her legs began to shake. She pushed my head down and held on tight. She let out a loud moan and bucked her hips as she came. I raised myself and kissed her on the lips so she could taste herself; her lips felt really soft, a tad too soft, not like any of the men I had kissed.

I caressed her face, stroked her neck and kissed her shoulder. Then I touched for her boobs, soft succulent beauties. My heart raced as my fantasy came true. I told her I always wanted to touched her breasts; she laughed and asked me why I had taken so long.

I got up and switched on the light. I needed to appreciate those magnificent jugs in all their glory. I grabbed them gently, and flicked my tongue around her left nipple while I caressed the left breast. They felt soft, succulent and firm. Her large taut nipple filled my mouth. As I gorged myself on her, she spread my legs apart and set thigh against my wet pussy and then moved back and forth so that she rubbed against my big clit. I moaned and sucked on the other breast, so close to the edge. She held onto my waist and pressed her thigh harder against me; I felt myself coming and held onto her, raising my head to let the sensations pass through me. Then she brought me down so our legs criss-crossed like scissors and our cunts touched. We were both dripping juice as we rubbed against each other, grabbing either side of the bed. We throbbed against each other as we came.

As I caught my breath, she raised herself on her elbow, opened her bedside drawer and brought out her flesh coloured dildo. She said it was long and thin like a Fulani man.

I laughed, leaned back and caught my breath as she put the dildo inside me…


Vivian Oji is our writer based in Lagos State Nigeria and uses a Pseudonym… We promise to bring to our readers, a weekly column on Erotica, every Friday….

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