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Nigerian Government Plans ‘Major’ Assault Targeted At Blocking SaharaReporters Reception



Credit: Sahara reporters

Credit: Sahara reporters

SaharaReporters, a leading online media platform based in New york has reported plans by the Nigerian Government authorities to block the SaharaReporters and SaharaTV reception in Nigeria, a statement issued by the media reads.

The statement reads, “SaharaReporters Media would like to alert its readers, fans, supporters, commentators, columnists and whistle blowers it has learned authoritatively of a plan by the Nigerian government and several of its affiliates and cronies to inflict a major assault on its producers and reporters, and blackmail the website.”

The statement says the Nigerian Government is worried about the relentless groundbreaking reporting and unflinching by SaharaReporters to compromize, going into the 2015 election year.

The report added that “SaharaReporters has in the last five years had incidents of attempted hacking of its website, as well as spurious lawsuits funded by successive Nigerian governments and its agents that we have successfully navigated.”

The platform promises to provide developments or details as they become available, however stated that it lacks the limitless resources of those who would like to shut down or compromise it’s operations.

“we stubbornly intend to continue to expose, with every tool available to us, the elements and practices that hold Nigeria and Africa down.”

The radical media platform appeals to all those who seek the best of and for Africa to be resolute and to remain unbowed and unshaken with us, no matter the outcome of this latest plot.

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