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How 21-year-old Augusta Osedion, an undergraduate was murdered by lover in Lagos



A 21-year-old undergraduate of Lead University, Ibadan, Oyo State, identified as Augusta Osedion has been reportedly killed by her lover, Benjamin, in Oral Estate, Ikota, Ajah, Lagos.

According to reports, the loverbirds had a misunderstanding, which degenerated into a fight and the victim, Augusta, was stabbed to death in the process.

late Augusta Osedion

It was learned that on July 11, 2023, Augusta called her mother that she had a quarrel with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, all efforts by her, Onwabhagbe Cordelia, to reconcile her and her boyfriend failed.

Trouble, however, started when all attempts by Augusta’s mother to reach her or her boyfriend again on their phones and other mediums failed.

Worried by the development, Onwabhagbe Cordelia resorted to reaching the daughter’s roommate, who led her to the boyfriend’s house, at Oral Estate, Ikota, Ajah.

late Augusta Osedion

According to Cordelia, who reported the case to the police on July 15, “When we got to my daughter’s boyfriend’s house, her Mercedes Benz C30 was parked in front of the building but the apartment was locked.”

Confirming the incident, spokesperson, Lagos State Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, said: “Detectives led by DPOAjah visited the scene and the door was forced open, only to discover the lifeless body of Augusta and the female genital chopped off, in a pool of her own blood.

“Corpse was recovered, despite its fast decomposing state. Marks of violence and signs of struggle were detected on the body, which was deposited at General Hospital mortuary, Yaba, for autopsy and preservation.

“A note suspected to have emanated from the said Benjamin was recovered at the scene and treated as exhibit. Scene has been cordoned off to enable crime operatives gather evidence. Preliminary investigation is ongoing with a view to transferring the case to SCIID Panti, Yaba for discreet investigation.”

late Augusta Osedion

The boyfriend known on instagram as Killaboi has confessed to stabbing his girlfriend Augusta Osedion to death Killaboi, who describes himself on Instagram as a blockchain developer and crypto purveyor, took social media by storm on Monday when he confessed to the alleged crime on Instagram Story.

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He said he “mistakenly” stabbed his girlfriend after they got into an argument. He also said he ran away out of fear and has been suicidal since then. In one of his posts, he said, “I want no sympathy. I want no pity.” Killaboi added, “I will turn myself in I promise and she will get justice.” He said he was willing to accept any penalty “including death by hanging”.

It was gathered that Osedion’s mum tried to settle their differences before the incident.

Killaboi, 26, also shared on Instagram and twitter, messages he sent to his late girlfriend’s mother. Unconfirmed reports claimed the police found Osedion’s corpse mutilated and that her car was recovered at the scene. On twitter, the fleeing suspect is known as Vvs_Crypt went on a long rant defending himself in the court of public opinion.

Benjamin, also known as killerboi, the fleeing suspect on the run
Benjamin, also known as killerboi, the fleeing suspect on the run
Benjamin, also known as killerboi, the fleeing suspect on the run

ON twitter he continued writing, while promising to turn himself in.

I’m truly sorry for the damage I have caused and the pain I have left, everything happened due to pain and betrayal, cheating, toxicity and all. All this you are speading are just lies, none of her body parts went missing. Nothing was intentional, We got into a fight and argument regarding (something I rather not say in other to protect her image and respect for the death) But all that which lead into argument and fight which lead to her carrying knife and stabbing then happened which I wished never happened. Nothing of all you saying are truth. I ran out of fear I have stabled someone and didn’t know what to do at that point but nothing was intentional and none of of her body was cut out how you all a lying and spreading. I deeply regret and will give in myself and say nothing but the truth as I know I have only few days on earth and only the truth can bring me peaceand bring Gods Acceptance. I contacted her mom since and yesterday as well and I’m going to turn myself in and believe I deserve death now but regardless of anything the true deserves to be said and previewed and not manipulated. I will turn myself in and pay with my own life, whatever the fate is I will take including death as there is no justification for taking a life. I will be accountable. But let the truth be the truth, thank you.

Killaboi was arrested in 2021 after allegedly using a stolen card to carry out a N150 million transaction via point of sale (POS).

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