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Top interesting facts about Morgan Macgregor



If you are interested in following the relationship lives of Hollywood celebrities, then Michael C. Hall and Morgan Macgregor are of of the couples you may have heard about.

Morgan Macgregor was less known in the entertainment industry until her marriage to Michael C. Hall.

However, Morgan Macgregor was doing well for herself prior to this.

Below are some top facts about Morgan Macgregor you may not know about:

  • She is a renowned book critic, writer and novelist.
  • Morgan MacGregor was born in Whitby Ontario, Canada in 1987.
  • Her birth month is currently not made public; likewise, details of her Catholic parents and siblings.
  • Despite her fame, she has tried to stay off social media and would prefer to read all day.
  • Morgan and Hall reportedly dated for about four years before they were seen together in public for the first time at the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards.
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