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Bauchi Governor (@GovMAA) Positions State As A Tourism Destination, Forget London & Dubai, Visit Yankari



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Forget London and Dubai. Bauchi Governor (@GovMAA) wants come you to visit his state

Bauchi State governor, Muhammad Abubakar recently joined twitter, and it seems he’s doing that primarily to position his state as a tourism destination. According to him, because of the high exchange rate, it is harder for people to travel to Dubai, London and America for holidays. So he wants you to come to Yankari Game Reserve, which is in Bauchi.

The media savvy governor, and self styled Chief Marketing Officer of Bauchi State, has called the naira slump an opportunity for the expansion of local tourism, and believes Bauchi is the place to take the most advantage of reduced international tourism.

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His message seems to have resonated with his audience as the governor trended on twitter for a few hours, and his tweet is still racking up retweets and engagements.

Would you visit Yankari for a vacation?

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