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Akinwunmi Ambode’s Lagos Failing Before “Our Eyes” From Insecurity To Agonising Traffic Gridlock



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The issues of insecurity and traumatic traffic situation in Lagos metropolis have continued to dominate discussions in Nigeria’s Commercial nerve centre.

Lagosians battle with agonising traffic gridlock on the roads daily with the daily reported case of armed robbery in the Akinwunmi Ambode’s Lagos Of “CHANGE”.

From the commuters forced into trekking long distances to get to their various destinations; sometimes they are attacked by hoodlums and robbed of their valuables as crime rate has also suddenly increased.

A cross section of Lagosians who spoke about the situation agreed that traffic and crime rate which were checked at the twilight of the tenure of Babatunde Fashola have suddenly increased. Security expert, Ona Ekhomu in a chat with Saturday Vanguard on the issue said, “I think the general statement is that, it could be better.

He continued: “It appeared that the new Governor did not want to adopt the template he met on ground on the issue of security in Lagos, even though the template that the former Governor used was very effective and efficient. It was the step that the Fashola administration took that kept Boko Haram out of Lagos.

“What we are seeing now regarding the increase in cultism, kidnapping and armed robbery in Lagos State is a result of the gap between the past and the present administration. And the hoodlums have taken the advantage of these lapses.”

He however advised the Governor to design a security template for the state. “Ambode is an accountant by training; he needs a lot of advice on security issues. He must appoint an experienced security expert as adviser. He should be proactive when it comes to security issues. Governor Fashola got it right during his administration, therefore it is expedient that Governor Ambode gets it right too.”

Another respondent in an Interview with NewsWireNGR Mr Gbenga Adeoye “it seems there’s something Ambode has not been able to get right, if he truly wants ti govern Lagos, nothing stops him from asking Fashola what was done right during his tenure after all they are in the same party, the APC.

“The traffic situation and robbery costing us untold hardship” says Mr Demien a trader.. I have not been able to go to my shop in Ikeja for more than a week now because i reside in the Ejigbo are of the state. He continued, an attempt to visit my shop last week cost me a lot as i spent about six hours and when i got there it was already time to return home and the entire day was wasted..

Another Lagosian who lamented the high rate of robbers said she lost her handbag to the hoodlums who snatched it during the wee hours of the morning as she was rushing to find her way to work for the day. “I was so sad that i wept profusely as my entire day was ruined when they robbed me, i was rushing to beat the traffic only to end up penny-less they took my handbag and all i had on me.”

“Lagos is becoming a nightmare”, she added.

In a reaction to the persistent gridlock in parts of Lagos, the Governor of the state, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode reiterated his determination to tackle the traffic gridlock in the metropolis by putting in place multi-strategic solutions to address the challenge currently being encountered by motorists in most parts of the state.

Addressing a joint press conference, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Strategy, Mr. Fola Adeyemi, said the Governor has shown deep concern over the persistent traffic gridlock in the state and has therefore directed the agencies concerned to swing into action to decongest traffic in the metropolis.

Adeyemi said: ”This press briefing is initiated at the instance of the Governor who has expressed growing concerns arising from complaints and feedback from members of the public, and from experiences recorded a few days ago by motorists in Lagos. He is greatly concerned from this feedback and as a result of which necessitated we address Lagosians.”

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