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2015 Elections: I Am Not Going Into Office With My Blonde Hair – Tony Tetuila



Tony Tetuila who is a former member of the now defunct music group, The Remedies recently declared his intention to run for a seat in the Kwara State House of Assembly come 2015.

Several reactions have trailed the appearance of his campaign posters as many are of the opinion that the once famous singer may have nothing to offer and even appears indecent on his poster as he still wore his trademark blonde hair.

Nigerian Tribune in a new interview with the singer who was popular in the 90s and early 2000s asked him about his blonde hair and the allegation that he was seeking public office because he is experiencing a financial meltdown. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Talking about his hair

“I am not going to the office to sing, though I am an artiste, I am going to serve my people. I am not going to office with the tinted hair.

“I was discussing with some youth leaders who said I could leave the hair, but now that people are speaking on it, I have to do what my people want.”

“I only used the blonde hair to campaign because everybody knows Tony Tetuila with that trademark.

Talking about allegations of him trying to use politics as a tool for enrichment 

“How can I be broke? I am not broke, everybody knows where I am coming from, I am not going into politics for the fun of it, we artistes always sing about poverty but rarely do anything about it

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